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Time to Amend the 2nd Amendment

Updated on June 19, 2013

Recall Thy Roots NRA

Holy smokes! If one more gun wielding American spouts off about his/her 2nd Amendment right(s) I am going to spontaneously combust! Just because an amendment exists(ed) does not mean it was a good idea then or a good idea now. Or maybe it was an understandable idea then and now it's a reprehensible one!

The NRA and other gun lobbyists have voiced their concerns that 2nd Amendment rights will be violated if laws are enacted that remove the availability of high capacity magazines for semiautomatic guns. R-E-A-L-L-Y??? Has this country gone mad? WHO needs a high capacity magazine NRA????!! Hunters?? Maybe if they were hunting a thousand herds of rabid wildebeests! Geez!

Doesn't the acronym NRA stand for the National RIFLE Association? According to the NRA website ( the organization was founded back in 1871 for the primary goal of promoting the marksmanship skills of soldiers! Wow - look at them now! Protecting the rights of any Tom, Dick, or Jane to own a rapid fire 33 round glock?!

Blowing in the Wind

I remember playing Blowing in the Wind on my guitar back in the 60's. One of the most compelling questions posed in the song was "how many deaths will it take till he knows - - that too many people have died?"

As a mother, an educator, and as an American - I can say without reservation the answer is now. Now is the time to know that too many people have died. Mothers have died. Fathers have died. Children have died. Each year about 30,000 Americans die from bullets blowing in the wind. Guns are destroying the very fabric of American life and turning every public meeting place into a potential killing field.


Guns DO Kill People...Even Little People

Arm every teacher to prevent another Sandy Hook tragedy? Really? Dear God in Heaven above. How far have we decayed as a society for someone to even feel free to let this suggestion spring forth from their lips? What happened to the idyllic America that Norman Rockwell captured so convincingly? Can't you just imagine a future artist portraying the most pastoral American scene of a teacher and her students. Nothing between them but a 44 magnum?

How high should the fences be built? How many guards should be posted? How many drills should be practiced? Doesn't this sound more like the activities of a high security prison than an American elementary school?

I Want America to be American Again

No more guns. No more bullets. Collect every stinking one of them. If we can find Bin Laden in a dung heap in Pakistan than we can find the whereabouts of the majority of legal and illegal weapons in America! Make it a Federal law. Heck - amend the amendment. Write that only a well regulated "militia" may bear guns e.g. U.S. Marines, U.S. Army, Sheriff's Department, etc...All others must be turned in or a gun seeking drone will pay you a visit, parachute in a note that says the 1790's have called and they want their amendment back.

I want to be the Carrie Nation of gun control! I want to shake my proverbial axe in the air and claim a divine ordinance from God that mandates all men, women, and children have the right to gather at movie theatres, places of worship, shopping malls, political rallies, and yes even public schools without risk of being riddled with bullets.

I want life to be as idyllic as a Norman Rockwell painting and as peaceful as a Bob Dylan song. I want America to be American again. And until that one gets to own a gun except the brave men and women of our well regulated militia(s).

As for hunting - go to the meat section of your local Winn Dixie. As for protecting your home and hearth from the bad guys - a can of hairspray and a lighter make for a great flame thrower. As for an invasion of hostile aliens - fork over your cell and let E.T. phone home.

Good guys with guns do not protect us from bad guys with guns....that's pretty obvious. The only thing that will protect us from guns are laws that ban them - completely and forever. Amen.


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