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Time to take America Back! We are bystanders no more!

Updated on June 26, 2015

They have crossed the red line!

The Federal Government has finally went too far. It finally occurred to me this week, with the Supreme Court upholding the ACA, and the American experiment on life support. This is the moment, that we need all hands on deck. I have been physically sick, thinking about the country that my daughter, is going to have to grow up in. A nation of political correctness, partisan bickering, and a bunch of so called “journalists” that fall all over themselves, every time someone criticizes the President or his policies. We have the people of this country at war with each other. We have a racial crisis that is facilitated by the White House, and Obama’s band of race baiting thugs. This crisis has sparked riots, and the destruction of towns like Ferguson, and Baltimore. We have homosexuals at war with Christians, both groups unwilling to make an attempt at peace on the marriage issue. You have the militant LGBT crowd that feels the need to obnoxiously rub everyone’s nose in the gay lifestyle, only to destroy their lives and in some cases their businesses, when they don’t embrace this lifestyle 100%. Tolerance of Christians however, is non existent, as the media continues to ridicule those that have beliefs that differ from the media/regime narrative. The Christians here are not without fault. The conservative right, is always preaching small government, but when it comes to marriage, they feel the need for government to regulate marriage, through state licensing. The original purpose of a marriage license requirement in 19th century America, was to prevent blacks from marrying whites. Most people do not know this, but I think that it is relevant in this discussion. Why is the government involved at all in marriage? Christians need to give up on the idea, of controlling the masses, by imposing their will on citizens, via legislation even when they feel a divine need to do so. This self righteous tendency to force people to live a certain way, sounds alot like the liberal mantra, which looks to force people to do things that they do not want to do,(health insurance) via legislation for the greater good, or the public good. Both parties are about control, period.

Independence Day!

Rally the troops!

Partisan fighting in congress has peaked, name calling, accusations that one party wants to kill grandma, that children will die because of so and so policy. Escalation of this fighting, will only lead to more division. They will not even sit down and have a discussion, and the President has a permanent address on the 18th green. This government is broken, and we are beyond the point of fixing this train wreck by doing the same thing over and over again. That is, after all, the definition of insanity. We need a reset, and we need everyone to participate. People need to educate themselves, and pay attention to what is going on. Turn off the reality tv, ditch the Kardashians, tell Bruce, or Caitlyn Jenner to go enjoy his womanhood, and mind his own business. Eliminate the distractions, that are created by our twisted society, in an attempt to blindfold you at a time when you need to have you eyes wide open, and be able to process a great deal of information, and sift through the falsehoods and the misleading stories and headlines.

Use what God gave you! All hands on deck!

Everyone needs to bring something to the table. If you go to church talk to those close friends that you have there, it is urgent that the pulpit use the stage it is given every week, to talk about the evil that stands before us. If you are into writing, create a blog, inform people through the power of the pen. If you are good at organizing, and you have the resources, start a 9/12 group in your area, get involved in a local tea party, or toastmasters. Learn to be articulate when you speak and surround yourself with like minded people, but do not hesitate to also converse with those that think differently than you do, to challenge yourself. When you debate, learn to be respectful, avoid being condescending, but know the issues so that you may argue your views and your beliefs, while not compromising your principles. Know what you believe, and know why. The day is fast approaching, when we will be forced to stand for something. If we don’t stand for something, then we will fall for anything. Everyone needs to fight this tyranny tooth and nail, but the way to win, is through education of our peers. Teach your neighbor how to think, and don’t waste time trying to tell them what to think. An informed, educated electorate is the Obama regime’s worst nightmare. They feed on ignorance, they prey on lemmings. A nation of sheep, begets a government of wolves. Spread the word, use your God given talents to help people understand the Constitution. Americans should be aware of the right of a state, and its people, to nullify laws that are not compliant with the restrictions on government, set forth in our founding document. Scream from the rooftops, and tell everyone that the Constitution puts limits on the Federal Government, not on the individual, private business, or sovereign states. We can put an end to this tyranny, if we all communicate and educate. The one crucial thing that has been missing the last 7 years is communication, because this President, this congress, and this Supreme Court, has turned us all against each other. I don’t care if you are Republican, Democrat, Independent, or Libertarian, we need to talk to each other, we need conversation, and the division needs to morph into unity. I am calling on my fellow Americans to stand up to this, out of control oligarchy.

Let's Roll!

Start now. I like to write, so I am on here using my skills to rally the troops. Share this on every social network that you are a part of. Facebook, Twitter, Pheed, Reddit, hubpages, any place where we can organize a peaceful offensive against ignorance, complacency, and misinformation. It starts now, and we should not stop until every treasonous scumbag that currently resides in DC, is flipping burgers at McDonald’s, or frequenting the unemployment office. Best case scenario, they will be charged, tried, and convicted of treason, with the appropriate punishment. We are bystanders no more. Remember, that Obama is not the problem, he is merely a symptom of a larger issue. Barack Obama is the Physical, Political manifestation of the moral decline that has consumed America. He exists as President, because this country is morally bankrupt. Principles, doing the right thing, and conducting ourselves with respect to natural law, or God’s law. This country must get back to God, and we must humble ourselves before him. If we do not, he will surely do it for us, and that is not the route we all want to go. We are one nation, under God, if that offends you, TOUGH! I’ll buy you a one way ticket if you want to leave the country. Separation of church and state you say? Show me where those words exist in the Constitution. You will be looking a long time, because it’s not there. The Constitution will always be there, but we as Americans must be willing to follow it, and elect those that have respect for the American people, and our founding document. Let’s get to work! Let’s take America back! Let’s Roll!

God Bless the USA!


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    • libertyordeath19 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Exactly. I'm not to happy with my US House Rep right now, he voted for TPA. I used to like him but he is starting to get on my bad side. I think it is just ignorance, on his part. I could run circles around the guy when it comes to constitutional knowledge and application. I am on the lookout for any townhall meeting that he may schedule. If I find one, I'm there. You are exactly right, let's stop electing lawyers and start electing everyday citizens, that have to pay bills and live paycheck to paycheck.

    • Jason Horne profile image

      Jason Horne 

      3 years ago

      People are going to have to run for office. How did these people get into power? What they did to get in power is exactly what we are going to have to do to get them out. We are going to have to run for every public office and eventually get elected and take it back. We have to go to every city council meting, every town hall meeting, and win back every single public office there is. We are going to have to start at the lowest level positions and work our way up eventually taking the power back. That is what we have to do....and we are. The Founding Fathers set it up this way. They knew this was going to happen, they gave us a way out, we just have to follow the procedure and do it.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      100 percent behind you and looking for thousands to join the cause. My first book will hopefully be out in a year. If you do not believe we live in tyranny today then my book will condemn every apathetic walking piece of human feces in America. Its time for men to claim their rights and when we do, who is going to stop us?


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