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Timeline of Abuja Bomb Blasts

Updated on April 30, 2012

Abuja Bomb Blasts

If you were in Nigeria more specifically in Abuja in 2010 and anyone ever told you there would be a day for car bombs and suicide blasts anywhere within the capital city you would be tempted to reply not on your life. That is a different story today as you might actually say the opposite with the rate at which bombs keep exploding in and around the federal capital city of Nigeria.

First consider how quickly terrorists are becoming stronger and their exploits a household name, then consider the challenges they are posing to security agencies in the country. Going down memory lane we would see that bomb blasts in Abuja are recent happenings, they have their tracks traceable to just a few years actually 2010 to be precise.

2010 Bomb Blasts in Abuja

The firs tAbuja bomb blast was on the 2010 Independence day celebration at the eagle square in Abuja. Although no one claimed responsibility for the attack but the Niger delta militant group MEND was blamed and its leader Henry Okah was arrested in connection with the blast. Still in 2010 on new year’s eve in 2010 when someone threw a grenade into the market at an Army barracks at night while fun seekers where preparing to usher in the new year, 3 people were killed and several others injured in that blast. Meanwhile no one in particular was blamed for that attack.

2011 Bomb Blasts in Abuja

A few months later in June 2011,Nigeria’s first suicide bomb attack took place when a Boko Haram member on death and destruction attacked a police convoy of the Inspector general of police at the Police Head quarters. The blast only killed a police officer and the suicide bomber but scores of vehicles were damaged.

Then came the mother of all Abuja bomb blasts, the August 11, 2011 when a suicide bomber drove his car into the UN building causing great devastation. At least 25 people were killed in that attack. The famous Christmas day bombings that took place in Madalla a town on the outskirts of Abuja was perhaps the most gruesome with at least 43 people killed. Although Madalla is not inAbuja, the proximity to the capital city puts it in spotlight of other Abuja Bomb Blasts.

2012 Bomb Blasts in Abuja

The first 2012 Abuja bomb blast happened on the 26th of April 2012, when suicide Bomb blasts rocked the Thisday offices in Jabi area of Abuja and Kontagora road office in Kaduna. The attackers who drove vehicles loaded with bombs in both attacks hit the gates of the respective offices however it was only the Abuja attack that recorded significant damage as theKaduna attack was foiled and the suspected suicide bomber arrested.

In all Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for all Bomb blasts in Abuja except the October 1st 2010 attack. Boko Haram which in Hausa means Western Education is Sacrilege is an extremist Islamic movement that wants to impose Sharia law on all of Northern Nigeria which is predominantly muslim and also wants to over throw the democratically elected government claiming that it is being led by infidels.


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    • Felixedet2000 profile image


      6 years ago from The Universe

      Boko-Haram is an ethnic agenda, all we are witnessing are clandestine moves to keep on instilling fear in the minds of people. When you are scared and afraid, yielding to authorities and being submissive becomes automatic. But Nigerians are resolve not to be overcome by any evil force.


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