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Tis the Season...for Primaries

Updated on December 15, 2011

As we near the end of 2011, we are embarking on an election year. We have been bombarded with politicians and election news for several months already, but the actual election is still 11 months away. For Democrats, everything is pretty simple. The incumbent President is a Democrat, so there is no need for multiple candidates. On the other hand, Republican candidates have begun the age-old tradition of belittling one another in preparation for a rigorous primary season.

This is what I fail to understand. Why do we thrive and promote such negativity among the candidates? Why do we allow them to slander each other’s personal lives? Why do we let a bias media think for us?

Personally, I would rather have candidates talk about themselves. I don’t want to have Mitt Romney tell me why Newt Gingrich is a horrible person. I would prefer that Romney tell me why he is the best candidate for the Republican nomination. It is so easy for someone to talk negatively about another person and point out their faults. That shouldn’t be the main focus though. Every candidate is going to have faults. No one is perfect; we all know that. If a candidate finds it so pertinent to point out an opponent’s faults, why don’t they admit their own too? I realize this is entirely wishful thinking, but why can’t we focus more on the positive for once?

Or how about Herman Cain? He is out of the race for the GOP nomination because of some alleged sexual harassment instances. Now, I am in no way advocating that what he allegedly did is okay. I don’t condone such actions. However, I don’t condone the actions of Gingrich either. Infidelity is a serious matter as well. What makes it okay for Gingrich to cheat on his wife and be married for the third time but not okay for Cain to make a couple comments to women? Aren’t both cases mistreatment of women? Aren’t both cases a complete lack of judgment and morals? I cannot see why one can be permitted to continue on in the primary race while the other was forced out.

Obviously, the media has a huge factor on all of this. Sadly, many Americans can no longer think on their own. We live in such a fast-paced world. People do not want to take the time and do their own research on the candidates but rather would have it spoon fed to them like a nine-month-old child. We all know the media is bias. There are a few major media outlets that lean towards the conservative side, but the for the most part, the majority of them lean towards the left. Do we remember back four years ago? Anytime that something negative was said about Obama, the media spun it as racial. Why was it okay for the media to publish so much negativity about Cain? Why is it different for a black Republican to be criticized compared to a black Democrat?

I am not pushing for one candidate and trying to persuade you to vote in a specific way, even though I realize this entire piece leans towards the right. I am simply encouraging you to think independently and do your own research. I want you to formulate your own opinion of each candidate and not let the media and others do it for you. If you are voting in the Republican primaries, look at each candidate and choose the best one that most closely matches your personal beliefs. Do not simply pick which candidate you think has the best chance to beat Obama in November. We are still 11 months away. Do not settle already or else you are failing to let our political system work properly.


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    • Joelipoo profile image

      Joelipoo 6 years ago from Ohio

      @turness - Unfortunately, the media seems to control peoples' opinions.

    • turness profile image

      turness 6 years ago from North Aurora

      You are so correct, the media and other candidates should not influence our decisions.