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Title IX

Updated on November 27, 2017

For this blog entry, I will be talking about Title IX and how it had helped women to have a better opportunity. Title IX is an act that states that no one is going to be the basis of sex, excluded from participation in or be denied the benefits of any educational programs and activity. I believe that the theory that is based to support Title Ix would be the feminist theory, the reason would be that feminist theory is looking for gender equality, which Title IX is also looking for gender equality for programs for school and activities. I feel like these two things can relate and support each other because they are only looking for the benefits for all people to be equal and they should not be excluded from anything based on their gender.

The first article that I will bring up will be about Title IX and the education of teen mothers. According to Guldi, M (2016) is presenting the issues that the funding for education was excluding pregnant and parenting teens from being in the classroom. The issue with this is that people did not seem to want to help continue the education for teen mothers because they seemed not staying in school because they are being a parent and support was not given to them.

The second article that I have found is talking about the causal effects of participating in high school sports on adult women’s social life. According to Clarke, & Ayres (2014), tries to see the outcome of boy ‘s athletic participation before Title IX and then they considered the participating in the sports, not on an economic but the social outcomes. The outcome of the research was the participation causes women to be more likely to have children which cause those who have children to more likely to be single mothers.

For the video link that I thought was the best to explain Title IX is the one we saw in class in our notes. This video is based upon how different and going back in the past on how women and girls were different from men and boys from playing with them. Others did not support girls when it came to be fundraising. The government provided a test for the schools to make girls equal like the boys and those tests were proportionality, progress, and satisfied interests.

There are two website links that talk about more the impact and just more information of Title IX. The first website link talks about the impact of Title IX complaints, it shows how you can help and learn how to get your school to be investigated if they are not promising what this act does. The purpose of this article is to show students to not to be afraid to speak their voice when they know they are not being treated fairly for example sports. Schools need to provide sports equally to both genders that is why the video link above talks about the test the government has given the schools to follow to be fair and give everyone the equal opportunity.

The second website link that I found was and gives all the history of Title IX and it shows all the things that Title IX had faced. Some of the things that the website shows are the 10 key areas of Title IX, I will provide some of those 10 key areas those are access to higher education, career education, employment, and sexual harassment. I feel like this link does show and provide a lot of information and there are also links to where you can find to help yourself if you would like to talk to someone if they are not following Title IX.


Clarke, & Ayres. (2014). The Chastain effect: Using Title IX to measure the causal effect of participating in high school sports on adult women’s social lives. Journal of Socio-Economics, 48, 62-71.

Guldi, M. (2016). Title IX and the education of teen mothers. Economics of Education Review, 55, 103-116.


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