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To Hell With Armageddon

Updated on April 4, 2011

Time To Evolve Our Faith

To Hell With Armageddon

Those who claim such doomful days

use scripture as their source,

but prophets gave their warnings

to prevent such woeful course.

Even though their words were true,

which told of trauma down the road,

they were statements of what’s coming,

if proper care was not bestowed.

To surrender to acceptance

that evil ways will rule the day,

insisting humans have no chance

because it’s what the prophets say,

is the attitude of quitters,

who resign to giving up,

who say “that’s just the way It’s Written,

thus, it’s vain to interrupt.”

As sure as we are living,

and create what is to be,

it is up to us to be the ones

who evolve humanity.

No more using lame excuses

“That’s just the way it’s meant to be . . .”

Only if we do not listen,

or choose the lazy way to see.

For scores of generations,

each one Chicken Little’d the same,

interpreting each challenge

as “The End”, which never came.

Every storm, or drought, or famine,

pestilence, or disease,

were reacted to with someone saying

“It’s all in the prophecies,

   and there’s nothing we can do . . .”

but to heck with that, let’s be real,

and make the most of each new day new!

As sure as Jonah had lamented

his spoken doom did not come true,

what good is any warning

if it doesn’t alter what we do?


To those who say we’re all just doomed

to drink the cup of wrath,

only if we choose such ignorance,

must we know such aftermath.

Instead of being foolish,

and surrendering to doom,

let’s unite around the world,

so to the heavens we can bloom!

Understanding where we came from,

and where we’ve proven we can go,

let our faith remain steadfast

that to the stars, as friends, we’ll grow.

Bradley Coldbrook



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