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To Hell with America - They Just Want Obama Out!

Updated on July 31, 2011

Game of Chicken - and Full of Shit

This addendum just added, after hearing President Obama speak to this issue some half an hour or so ago, and then Boehner the Boner holding his line that he expects all of us to hold our noses while he INSISTS on a "solution" or package that let's America's economic classes stay as separate as possible. Only he cloaks it in some transparent "but it'll burden business and thus kill jobs, and the economy, AND innovation, AND entrepreneurship - the whole woooorld, man!" line he's been towing ever since the yacht owners, fellow congresspeople, and hedge-fund managers said "don't hate me because I'm better than you!"....

In short - both the President and the Speaker delivered us a Cliff's Notes version of an already dumb fight - making the far left and far right extremists look like taxpayer supported Dumb and Dumber.


Although usually in pieces such as you're about to read, I disclose personal bias relatively early but still try to keep a leash on myself and at least hypothesize the benefit of the doubt to conservatives and their political leaders in America.

So, I guess this is my disclaimer that, at least as my fingers move at this instant, I am wearing my bleeeding-heart-liberal, NAACP cheerleading (white, thus not a member), ACLU-card-carrying (literally), tree-huggin', "share the wealth", Ivory pure (99 and 44/100%) leftie hat, and I am loaded for bear to pounce full throttle into the disgusting politics being carried out by some republicans, particularly Speaker John Boehner.

I honestly don't personally have the background to judge the credibility of the doomsday scenario predicted if the children in Washington can't play nice together and get the damned job done, but we have all been bombarded with talk of default and debt ceiling apocalypse and America's credit and economic disaster, and most of it, as well as my own "due diligence" research for writing this hub, points to very bad consequences should our government not get their heads together and reach an agreement before the August 2nd, 2011 deadline (set by Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner) to raise the nation's $14.3 trillion debt limit.

I myself have pondered why he can't just change the date, if the consequences for failure are s'uch the Armageddon predicted. Short term, I can't answer this. I don't see why there is absolutely no WAY that he can.

But long term, I reluctantly get it. It's for the same reason I have such a piss poor credit score myself - by this hanging on to the shred of hope for something "magic" to happen - that the Secretary has to be the grown up that then President-elect Obama nominated on November 24th, 2008. At some point, America, like I and every other consumer and American citizen, must pay its bills, or suffer the consequences.

Unfortunately, this puts him in the unenviable position of having to be the teacher asking for the kids' homework, or that Capital One telemarketer/collector who keeps asking for the payment that some (ahem) consumers keep trying to kick down the road.

To go with the teacher analogy, it would be highly inappropriate, unprofessional, probably unfounded, and near-mutiny causing for a school principal to undermine teachers' authority to be in charge of their own classrooms. They were hired for their experience, competence, character, reputation, record et cetera - to do a job - a job that comes with the *authority* needed to meet the *responsibility*.

"Principal" Obama would be making a terrible mistake - the implications for which I am barely able to tick off in this piece - were he to undermine the very authority of somebody he chose.

So, Geithner has no choice. That means that the class (congress) has to do their work or else! Yes, Geithner probably could kick the can down the road - but at the cost of his credibility, effectiveness and ultimately - results - as well as that of the Obama administration, and America as a whole.

It seems that Boehner is trying to be the rebel that gets the classroom of kiddies to "go on strike" - and say "You give us our ice cream (tax cuts), and less homework (spending) or ELSE". His walking away from discussions with president Obama is akin to stomping his foot and threatening to take his ball and go home. Wait - what the hell am I saying?? This is Boehner! He'll just start the water works and tell his country, amidst crocodile sniffles, how much he loves it!

Now, in real terms, what he's trying to do is game this thing such that NO MATTER WHAT - Obama loses. Boehner, and I suspect many others in Congress, feel like Rush "I hope he fails!" Limbaugh: they want this democratic, "socialist", "spread the wealth", "You lie!" or out of the White House.

Yeah - yeah. The race card is the easiest card in the world to play, a cliche', and in this author's personal opinion, very likely more a red herring than anything else. But aside from that conspiracy theory, the fact remains that most conservatives in congress are united in one goal, sending Obama back to Chicago after one term.

Disgusting. See - if this economic crisis is averted, Obama dodges the bullet that may very well take out his presidency at what, if we Americans are as wise this time as last, the half-way point - the same bullet that had been literally fired by a certain "America is going to hell" American, and mortally received, by a certain other American who likewise had a dream.

Whine all you want, republicans. That's your 1st Amendment (and human) right. Hell, Boehner himself phoned in to Limbaugh just this past week - very likely to reassure the AM loudmouth that the speaker is towing the extremist/tea party/gun-toting, flag-waving, kick-back pocketing line.

But, don't you DARE sacrifice the baby with the bathwater, so to speak, by doing whatever the hell you can to get rid of Obama and his "strange" or "dangerous" or "socialist" or "radical" or "hopey, changey" ideas, just so that you can try and get your way.

In fact, isn't that quite cynical, and very insulting, to think that the average voter is gonna just say - well, shit - it happened on Obama's watch, so....gotta throw the bum out!

The American people elected Mr. Obama, and the American people will damned well speak again in 2012. This gamesmanship and POPaganda is unacceptable. You want so badly to keep your precious majority - your job, Mr. Speaker?

Do it! Get off your weepy ass and look out for the country you say you love so much.

No matter which team (or party) "wins" - the game must, must go on. Don't flush America into that so-called "giant sucking sound", just to prove your fallacious point or win your game.

'Cause, see, this ain't a game. Stop playing!

Mr. Speaker, GET BACK TO WORK!!!


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  • dashingscorpio profile image


    7 years ago

    You make some excellent points. I have never seen the country so divided. Even when Obama suggests a "Republican idea" such as Mitch Romney's health plan or raising the debt celing as all the other recent presidents have done from time to time he has to fight for everything. It probably doesn't help the Republicans to have "The Tea Party" pushing them further to the right then even they want to be. You get the sense that the Opposition party decided after the election in 2008 their mission was to make sure the country stayed in a recession at least until 2012. There has been very little "bi-partisanship". Honestly I don't believe either party is a fan of "working together". Awhile back I wrote a hub titled "Political Gridlock is the American Way. The opposition party wants the country to do poorly so they can elect a president from their own party. I suppose it's always been that way but never so blatant.

  • stanwshura profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago

    Thanks, gjf. I mean, I suppose it's unnerving in the non-metaphoric game of chicken for the (dumbass) drivers who would do this - at least they have the power to alter the outcome.

    But you wouldn't catch me dead as a passenger in said Macho Match.

    Then again, maybe you ---- no....of course not, 'cause I'm smart enough NOT to ride along.

    And yet - here we American people are. In the back seat. Waiting for the "game to end" - and hopefully we're all still alive and breathing on the other side of it!


  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Bravo, well played. most entertaining...

    I just commented today how I feels I'm in the backseat with someone playing chicken vs. a bus. Way to knock it down. gjf

  • stanwshura profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago

    Thank you. I have to confess that the whole classroom/teacher/principal was rather serendipitous in how it ALL fell together.

    One minute I'm delving into what's so damned important about August 2nd - and it hit me that what Boehner et al want is for the ball to be in Obama's hands at 11:59:59 - and not really address or solve the thing one second sooner, so that no matter whether the President signs a cruel and devastating bill (and thus devastating to his base and many "regular" Americans, and thus to his Presidency), or refuses to sign it on principal and/or solid governmental/economic/legal/executive grounds, and America defaults - in which case, although I don't understand the ramifications fully, I do get that credibility, solvency, and authority America has enjoyed will be very badly damaged, and the republicans can get the "Obama couldn't get the job done" slogan they're pining for JUST in time for the height of the campaign season. Grrrrrrrrrrr......

    Thanks for commenting - and following :)

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    New follower - great writing. Good logic strain and analogies. Very impressed.


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