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To Stand or Not To Stand

Updated on August 30, 2016

Taking a stand while sitting

With the presidential race coming full swing and both candidates labeling each other as bigots and racist the country seems to be at a crossroads. In addition to that, the media coverage detailing the killings of unarmed black people in the country is at an all time high. Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during the national anthem has brought the race issue to the forefront once again.

Kaepernick said his decision to sit during the national anthem is due to how he feels about how minorities are being treated in this country and that the flag is suppose to represent freedom not oppression and until changes in this country have been made he will continue to sit during the national anthem.

Kaepernick is bi-racial but he was raised by a white family who he says taught him to stand up for what he believes in and maintain a strong conviction to that cause. Due to injuries Kaepernick is 3rd on the 49ers depth spot and is possibly looking at not making the team this year and with the added media attention this may cause him his career in the military. He is looking to sacrifice millions of dollars for something he believes in even though it is not highly favored and he seems to be a villain at the moment.

Kaepernick contract, a 6yr contract deal worth $114,000,000 with $61,000,000 guaranteed and a signing bonus of $12,328,766. Why would someone with so much money on the line do this, why risk this amount of money, why do something, even if you have the right to do so, publically whereas the entire world will turn you into a villain?

Do you agree with Kaepernick's stand to sit?

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To disgrace or not to disgrace

I am in the military, I have served my country for 16years now, but I am also a black man who has been through some of the things Kaepernick has talked about. I have gotten pulled over and searched for no reason, I have walked in stores where I have been followed throughout the store to ensure that I was not trying to steal something, I have gotten passed over for jobs to people who were less qualified due to the color of my skin. I understand exactly what he is standing up for.

If this is America like we say, he has the right and freedom to stand or sit in this case for what he truly believes in. This suppose to be the free country where everyone has a right to their opinion no matter what the cause is or am I wrong? o

Some of other football people in the business is asking why couldn't he do it in a different way or couldn't he just stand and still have his views? Just because you stand up when the anthem is playing does not mean you are patriotic, just like if you go to church that does not mean that you are going to heaven, that doesn't even mean you believe in Jesus or God. People will always try to tell you what you should or should not do based on their views, their ideas and it completely contrary to the American dream and what America was founded on. By Kaepernick willing to sacrifice millions of dollars for a cause, especially for minorities is something more people should do and that is truly the America we want to live in.

Should athletes speak out more on things that are going on in the coutry?

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    • CoreydDowdell profile image

      Corey Dowdell 15 months ago from Hawaii

      I understand where you are coming from, however there have been many people that try to use their $ for change. No matter how much $ is thrown at the problem, until we put the problem out in the open we will never address the real issues that this country has with race. The verse of the anthem that have been left off or people don't know about has been debated as to whether or not he was talking about black slaves. Now if your ancestors were slaves and the country they died for has an anthem talking against that and the person who wrote the anthem may have been a slave owner himself, and then you fast forward to now where unarmed blacks are getting killed by (self proclaimed) neighborhood watch leaders and cops that would make you think about somethings. And then if that was not enough the President of the United States is black and you finally feel that things are going to change and then you see him being subjected to everything from racist undertones to being labeled a muslim and by some even considered not to be born in this country.

      The way to really fix the problem is to start with our leaders as well as our kids. To not judge a person by his color or the way he talks or sound or looks but truly by the content of their character. Some people feel that you may discriminate in your subconscious and therefore may not notice it which could be true based on your upbringing. I have been in the service for over 16years and I have seen people get certain benefits not because they were a better sailor but because of their race and the problem with that is you don't get the best you get the watered down.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 15 months ago from Auburn, WA

      Good summary of the issue.

      While I support his right to do it, I just think the more effective way to deal with the problem is using his money to promote change(which is he now doing). It's a matter of optics. While guys in the NFL don't have guaranteed contracts and make less than the NBA & MLB, they are still making more than the average American. That's why many non-African Americans see these acts as empty gestures. CK's protest is peaceful, so for that he should be commended.

      There is now a program that brings kids and cops together. This will pay huge dividends in the future. I would like to see African American athletes really promote solutions. If every city had one of these, real change will come.

      Also, funding traditionally black colleges would be a fantastic way to promote change. Even great schools like Grambling and Morehouse suffer from lack of funds. I don't want to see them close because then that's one less avenue of opportunity gone. Wouldn't be great if Kaep starting a scholarship fund at Prairie View A&M or NC A&T?

      Sharing everywhere.