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To Stop a Gunman: What Steps America Ought to Take to Curb Gun Violence

Updated on September 1, 2016

Top Five Dead or Alive

Understanding the Way of the Gun

From the vantage point of most Americans, it is agreed that firearms ought to be a part of life. Americans hunt. Americans teach their youngsters how to defend themselves. They become knowledgeable about all the facets of dischargeable weaponry. For all the rampages, massacres, mass shootings, and mayhem, there exist completely rational people who possess, discharge and enjoy the freedom of letting off a few rounds. Also, with the disadvantage of criminals who perpetrate harm against such citizens, it is proper that they protect themselves with force before the authorities ever reach the scene. But this is just a superficial observation of the gun laws which stand now. Much study and involvement in the legal proceedings ought to go into the comprehension of gun rights. In fact, it is the philosophy of law which ought to be taken into account when regarding these matters.

The Way of the Gun



Firearms are tools of death and destruction. But does that mean that America ought to outfit police units with explosives or arm private sector agencies with nuclear weapons? Where does it stop? Lawmakers ought to view the spate of acts of the start of brute force as a clarion call for all Americans to be ever watchful and for police agencies to increase vigilance. It is the right for the people of the United States to safeguard all that they hold dear. Yet it is sad to say that Americans must be armed to the teeth with firearms to do that.


In far off lands where freedoms are few and warfare is in high supply, the threat of violence lingers like a bad taste in the mouth. War-torn countries who have seen horrific acts of violence go on for centuries might need to make sure that the people take up arms. In a place of liberty and the ideals of reason, individualism and at least some elements of capitalism, America, the notions of walking into an office building, movie theater, or a church, or a school, or any place where peace ought to abide and seeing injury or death have been put into question. This is this country's blood streak of history. The remnants of wars fought overseas and the infighting which ravages today's urban landscape color the crimson stained heritage of this land. The tradition of attack has marred the soul of a nation which is awash in creativity, productiveness, and industry.

What the Rifle Does



The irony of it all is that the US has spawned serial killers, rapists, murderers, and the lowest most corrupt figures in human history. These criminals have violated the very essence of a rational society: rights. At the muzzle of gun, more often than not, victims have fallen and have been deprived of their right to life. And as it turns out, who knew that the country with the highest incarceration rate and the highest number of guns per capita would somehow exist with such glaring statistics? So, how can these seemingly unrelated numbers actually become related?


The violent crimes which this country sees on a daily basis is the result of irrationality. Because of the overt ritualistic selflessness and self-sacrifice which is preached in the aforementioned workplaces, education centers, and religious institutions, criminals continue to create unsafe areas of strife and reckless abandon. Their stance as rogue, mindless miscreants bent on upending the lives of peaceful people is actually what is devastating this country at its core. It is often said that “guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people.” Another way to put it is that “guns don’t kill people, bullets kill people.” The reality is that thinking people who are defending themselves (might) kill people trying to endanger their person or other persons of value or private property.


It is the sole discretion of a defender to ensure that they protect their values. The unthinking, emotion-driven delinquents who feel that they can just terrorize or threaten law-abiding individuals ought to be stopped before they can even pull the trigger. Sadly, though, it becomes a scene of despair as the gunmen take lives without remorse. The lamentations of the ones left to mourn the loss of a loved one offer solace in the moments of grief. Yet, the cries for more gun control become howls of unreason. Those who claim to respect the rights of gun owners really want to trample over them in the aim to have peace.

Packing the Pistol


To Live in a Nation

What comes about is the inability to defend oneself, hunt for game, participate in target practice, or clutch the right to bear arms. The awful state of affairs within this country lies in the fact that so many people feel the need to have to own a gun. Has America reached such depths as to see its citizens fight each other in gun battles both literally and figuratively over rights in courts? Only irrational savages who mistake America’s benevolence for weakness can find themselves either slaughtered by private citizens in self-defense, police forces, or carted off to prison to serve time for their senseless acts. Who wants to live in a nation where you have to look twice over your shoulder in fear of being accosted? Why would anyone want to live in a country where outlaws roam the streets?



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