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To Those people Who MUST Share Things That Are Sad/Maddening on Social Media

Updated on November 20, 2013

This is my fb status today...I've had it.

Ok, Facebook Community, lets have a discussion. Please someone explain to me why so many of you post "news" that elicits extreme sadness or anger? Why spread misery? If you were then giving me a link to a call for arms, a fundraiser, or a petition, I'm right there with you. But that's not usually the case. What I see is someone scrolling through the internet, finding an utterly depressing article, then thinking "Well that made me loath the world, I better share this right quick!" What does that do? Are we all joining the Debbie Downer collective? Here is what happens when we share garbage... that chick, the one smiling over the lion she murdered, I won't post her name or likeness, because I don't want her to be searchable through my account... but you know the one. We hate her because she kills animals for sport (and because she's an attractive woman that kills animals for sport... men do it all the time with not a fraction of the The image is jarring, it gets spread across the web like wildfire. Hundreds of you shook your fists in the air and clicked 'send'. She did that on purpose. She wants you to share her douchbaggery. She's a television personality, probably trying to shop a reality show, any press is good press. By posting her links, you are helping this woman become rich and famous. So not only are you contributing to over-all suffering (I suffer through depressing wall posts) but you are promoting the very thing that upset you in the first place. Geez. Furthermore, posting super sad news articles about people you've never met or plan on giving direct aid to is not helpful to a single solitary being on this planet. I know there is sadness in this world, I know there is local sadness, I know this because I watch the news. I choose to watch the news some days. I do not choose to be bombarded with sadness on social media, which is why I hide wall posts from people that are repeat offenders. There is just no need. In closing... we live in a balanced and neutral world. Even in the darkest corners of the world, people find joy (I learned this from a holocaust survivor whom I had the pleasure to have met). There is always a smile from a loved one, the warmth of the sun on your face, the feeling of an accomplishment no matter how big or small, to keep one going through disaster. Yet here we are, we are a privileged society. We live in the light and we seek out the dark. "Oh but, Andi French, we don't live in a perfect world." Yeah I know. But I HOPE we can make this world a little easier on each other. Please consider contributing to beauty, laughter, and intelligence by spreading good and limiting the bad. Have a lovely day Facebook!


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