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To Vote or Not To Vote? Is it our public service duty to vote?

Updated on November 17, 2014

Make your freedom count: VOTE!

The sticker you get after you've voted.
The sticker you get after you've voted. | Source

Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil....

Silence is the enemy of truth
Silence is the enemy of truth | Source

Voter Beware: Political & Social Marketing

Just a sampling of what we get bombarded with... Who do you believe?
Just a sampling of what we get bombarded with... Who do you believe? | Source

Sex Miseducation

August 2014 article: what lessons are being taught at a major sex educator's conference.
August 2014 article: what lessons are being taught at a major sex educator's conference. | Source

No Vote, One Vote, Either way makes a difference?

I voted last week at my early voting polling station and I also became an independent voter. I guess I did a Charlie flip-flop but i have no political aspirations whatsoever, I just felt I was more in control of my choices and less bound to other's expectations. I voted only because I had my mind made up about my choices and I didn’t want to wait until Election Day. I felt I was held hostage long enough by the back and forth mud-slinging matches: all proclaiming truth on behalf of their candidates. I truly agonized over the choices presented to me but then noticed that the clear winners for me were those that had shown consistency in their public service duties and in their ethical and moral conducts [].

With that said, I could certainly understand why others would rather hide under a rock in this election period than listen to heated and contentious debates and witness cut-throat politics acted out on national, state and municipal stages. I cringed along with them as I see supposedly mature adults acting in childish name-calling and bullying tactics to gain the upper hand in their version of utopia. I am therefore not surprised to see this behavior copied in our youth and adolescents, what I am surprised about is why they’re surprised it keeps happening. Our kids are only acting out because they think it’s normal and expected. I also feel empathy for the young man I recently met who didn't want to vote because he felt his vote wouldn't matter.

I have always felt my vote was my voice. But I have had the privilege of using it only once since I became an American last year. As a self-employed philantropist with an entrepreneurial slant, I always wanted to know the why, how, when’s of the money-stream of any particular transaction, and that it be done with integrity. Meanwhile I’ve heard lots in my non-voting years and though I could not join the political conversations I’ve had plenty of time and learning to form my opinions and voicing it, finally. And so with some trepidation but boldly I vote NO to the following federally “sanctioned” short list (because we are "run" by 2 major political parties):

  • Your present “healthcare” (better known as Obamacare) & social services plans – it steals/takes “life” & “health” (sounds like a video game) by abortion, euthanasia, & the tax penalty; you use my taxes to administer the morning after-pill, or fund your preferred weapon of choice: “planned parenthood” mills & use illegal tax & employee “benefit” provisions regulations (I am a fundraiser for anti-abortion organizations so I really don't get that logic why we should pay twice, once for & once against);
  • Your Education plans: more specifically Common Core & “Health” education – don’t educate or prepare for a strong future American workforce, but teach children things they have no business knowing ( My friends called it: "teaching adult things to immature minds" & "you become who you hang out with". I conclude: we are raising a nation of immature adults not ready to deal with life's unfairness or to be of service to their community or their country - the entitlement generation.
  • Your domestic plans: A. Are we doomed to repeat history and usher in WWIII because we didn’t learn from 911 [my Patriot Day hub], our energy and economic crisis, the NSA, school shootings, Sharia Law, Amnesty border crossings, riots, beheadings and Ebola just to name a few – all different forms of terrorism on American soil and against American people (it’s got nothing to do with taking our weapons but everything to do with taking “our” respect for life and liberty), B. become “business” & "worker" friendly again [], C. Remove Entitlement programs;
  • Your Foreign plans: Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel are sovereign countries – we used to be allies & a champion of all three; that decision will come back and bite you and us[1];
  • Your Energy plans – right time to help & teach your people to make due with less and treasure her bounty and resources, we can no longer afford overseas oil, and we need to start utilizing alternative energy sources;
  • Your Military Reduction plans - Our Military is our Constitutions’ enforcement personnel & last line of defense – I would support my child’s choice to serve their country in this capacity; we are looking to you to support our nation's youth & adolescents that will support this great country of ours;
  • Your Nuclear Reduction plans – it’s our “last-resort” plan when all else failed;
  • Your Progressive (formerly called Liberal, Leftist or Statist (M. Levin's use)) non-Constitutional plans to usher in the U.S.O – United Socialists of Obama?

I would like to remind you the voter, and the President and our Government that America is a republic which in my mind is a “household” of “non-profits” of sorts made up of an unruly bunch of elected adults. Like any parent/guardian or leader that has the responsibility of managing their entity, I believe you want to offer your best to all so they, in turn, can achieve their best. I take my cue from Mr. Drucker, known as “The dean of this country’s business and management philosophers” who said it this way: (Leaders) “Keep your eye on the task, not on yourself. The task matters and you are the servant[2]. I can remember that we used to call our elected and government officials: “Civil servants or Public servants”, I wonder why they got that name? Veiled threats disguised in “I have a pen and a phone” should not a democratically-elected President utter. Can we get back to the business at hand and uphold our Constitution of the United States of America – with its proper mix of checks and balances? Don’t go tinkering with our backbone, it got founded on a good foundation in 1776 and implemented in 1787 and when we lose sight of the Creator’s vision for all people, we lose the battle with our inward prideful natures which love self-adoration and self-sufficiency that cause more discrimination and bigotry, not less. The biggest error citizenry can make is to expect its government to fix everything. Governments are made up of humans. To err is human, lest we forget.

Federal affirmative action programs – which choose people from a specific demographic grouping (white, black, Latino, Asian, multi-racial, heterosexual, homosexual, man, woman, child, alive, atheist or religious etc.) to fill a specific spot in school, job or position or reason – is inherently discriminatory and bigoted. Notice I didn’t include handicapped, or poor people, those conditions generally need affirmative action in order to help them help themselves. When we affirm that an “unchangeable” skin-tone, physical appearance, belief or worldview are basis for inclusive or exclusive actions we are entering quick-sand, and the picture of equality becomes totally convoluted . The picture says it doesn’t matter what qualifications or merits you think you possess, you are not getting a spot, no amount of labor, blood, sweat, tears or means will change the outcome for you, the Equality meter indicated “zero”. And then they say: My friend, we realize you’ve been robbed of your self-worth, but it’s okay, just quit trying to be “divergent”(pic)/or yourself, be quiet, give up and take a seat and a number, sign all these legal documents and Dr. Government will be with you shortly and will deal with your situation in a “fair and equitable” manner. That is semantics for insanity, inhumane, incomprehensible, completely counter-intuitive, anti-democratic, anti-Constitutional, and totally un-American.

I understand how we got this on the books and why affirmative action is still with us today. We all need help once in a while, but then after a while we should be able to take it from there. We love to give, we are a nation of entrepreneurs and do-gooders, and I concur with Drucker’s statement in the preface of his book that says: “Yet our charitable nature needs to come from self-realization and compassion and our gifts freely given, not under coercion and duress. Those are the standards non-profits work under.” So we need to be careful when “we” come up with the next social services program (i.e. Obamacare) to provide services for all because we all contributed voluntarily (wink, wink).

I voted NO on the present Presidential plans because I think they’ve used secrecy and deception to get where we are today. Obama and cohorts have not been upfront with their intentions to completely change the “landscape” and bulwark of the American constitution. In my previous blogs I gave ample lists of resources and reasoning as to my thoughts on these matters. And even as I try to give one last ditch effort to speak my voice one last time, maybe I will have convinced one other person of their innate duty to make their freedom count for something. We all know we are not there yet, we still have inequality, slavery and poor people (46 million Americans are on food-stamps, millions are homeless (; and millions are in physical, economic or sexual slavery – all conservative estimates: even to this day. Implementing more taxes, bail-outs and “investments” into whatever is trending or whatever the next elected Public Servant says will "help" - do your homework and then vote your "nay" or "yea" - don't expect others to do what you should be doing for yourself! Your voting will ensure that we still top the list of “Best Places to Live”. Just remember that we are still young, only 238 years old last July. Can you give us some credit and can you and the rest of the A Team set the good example in all our communities how to work together as a team and restore a culture of honesty, respect and courtesy to show who's working for whom?

I would like to challenge each of you to read the book or watch the movie: “America, Imagine a World without her” by Dinesh D’Souza or if you are pressed for time: “One Vote” by Ben Carson. If you decide NOT to vote even after you watched the movie or read the little “One Vote” book and state your reason why not on my Facebook page and I will take the “Ice Bucket” challenge (after verification). Here are links to help you vote, vote early or on November 4th, vote correctly and once only, but please let your voice be heard while you still have the freedom (! God bless you and these United States of America!

To vote in the other states please go to:

To vote in Florida: please look for your county’s election office at:

[1] & &

[2] Drucker, Peter F. Managing the Nonprofit Organization. 2005 My bold added.

Your Vote is Your Voice! Make Your Freedom Count!

Your Vote Is Your Voice Make It Count!
Your Vote Is Your Voice Make It Count! | Source

America. Imagine A World Without Her.


One Vote. Make Your Voice Heard.


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