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To be Young and Republican in America

Updated on April 26, 2016

Is This What We Have Become?


Are you all hiding?

In our current society it is not uncommon for an individual to be labeled as "close minded" for having traditional views. The idea or assumption in itself is indeed CLOSE MINDED, but we will touch on that hypocrisy later. We as a nation, and as people, are largely controlled buy the media, via its liberal headquarters in Hollywood. We are being conditioned to view any idea that is not accepting of everything, as pure bigotry, racisms, sexisms, homophobia, and the list continues. The media loves this. Notice how we don't hear often of a an actor or musician who has a conservative ideology. Yes, there are some celebs who have refused to waive the white flag in conformity, but not without ridicule and judgment.

In a town and industry where the majority of work is dictated by public perception, it is not hard to understand why so many keep tight lipped on the subject, Though we may understand it, their silence is doing detrimental damage to us as a nation. When powerful people don't use their voices to speak their truth, how are we as "common folk" suppose to believe we could make a difference on our own.

Political-ism and intolerance

While we cross our fingers and hope that one day conservatives will have an equal voice in the media, the discussion continues.

Conservatives are not All homophobic

Conservatives are not All anti gay marraige

Conservatives are not All anti women in work

While certain people have given the GOP a bad name when it comes to the ever changing world and the people in it, it's unfair.

One voice of the Republican is you, and another is me!

  • I am tolerant

  • I am loving

  • I am compassionate

  • I am not racist

  • I have gay friends

  • I support gay marriage

  • I don't like abortion but I do agree if we take it away people will resort to back alley antics

  • I want a smaller government

  • I want a society that teaches firearm awareness and safety instead of spreading fear

  • I want a country where we are accountable for ourselves

  • I want a country where help is given when needed but not abused

  • I want a country that once again promotes patriotism instead of shaming itself

  • I want a country that allows my children to grow up feeling safe and secure

  • I want closed border without deportation (excluding criminals)

We want the same things in a lot of areas you just have to be willing to listen and OPEN UP YOUR MIND.


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