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Why does European Union wants Serbia in its borders? Is there space for us among countrie? To be or not ?

Updated on June 10, 2012

European Union

In these days, all I can hear on TV is : "Will Serbia became one of the candidates for membership in European Union?" . Is it the thing of prestige?! Is it being part of the Union, that offers democratic way of life, free trade, better lives for those who have dedicated their best years to education, better health care, and in general an Union where every country can and should help each-other - is an PRESTIGE? No, it shouldn't be. Can E.U demand some things from new candidates that they didn't for the "old ones" ? Is it really becoming a member of E.U prestige? Why Serbia, after TWENTY years - haven't gained even status of "candidate" ?

To be or not to be ?

After recent statements of European Commissaries, people of Serbia are really tired from conditions and demands that are coming from European Parliament. Now, in nova-days, the real question is do we, as a nation, want to become part of that Union or not ? Are we ready to accomplish some standards and demands that E.U pointed out and stated to us ? New questionnaires/surveys, are telling that interest of Serbian people has never been lower. What is the cause? - Well, the huge part - of the cause - is the question of Kosovo. Kosovo has been part of Serbia until few years ago - when ethnic Albanians claimed self-independence. When U.S.A and majority of E.U members accepted and recognized Kosovo as independent country - whole nation became skeptic about whether or not we should join European Union. "The price" of being member, as everyone from high representatives of E.U were saying, was delivering International-wanted War Criminals, Ratko Mladic and Goran Hadzic. Serbia has done that, and now - "new condition" for membership (not officially said) is recognizing Kosovo as independent country. By Serbia's constitution, and by 12-44 resolution of U.N, borders of Serbia CAN NOT be changed and " Kosovo is part of Republic of Serbia " ,and neutral-forces of K.F.O.R and EULEX are the ONLY institutions that should bring the "rule of law". Independence of Kosovo was expected, but what was not expected is the E.U demand to recognize Kosovo as independent country in order to become an member of the Union.This issue brought many questions and unhappiness among whole nation, and now, percentage of those who would like to join to the E.U is little bit over 50% !!! Can "the price" of being member of E.U , be some "taking" about 30% of an internationally recognized country like Serbia ?

Tensions on Kosovo questioned Serbia's EU perspective

Newly born tensions, in September and October 2011, on Kosovo - the border with Kosovo with Serbia was undertaken by Special 'Ops of Kosovo, and that wasn't the move that EU, or U.S.A approved. Nobody knows, why U.S.A have jurisdiction over institutions on Kosovo (made by EU) that were supposed to be neutral. Since then, since making an army base on Kosovo - U.S.A made an huge step and impact on International level. Russian ambassador, along with prime minister Dimitry Medvedev after involving U.S.A policy on to Serbian/European ground, responded immediately with an official visit to Belgrade and Pristine.The conclusion of all these newly born tensions is that they are, officially, provoked by the so called "Kosovo Police" and "Kosovo Institutions" that Serbia do NOT recognize as official and realistic.

East or West ?

Serbia is geopolitically situated between Eastern and Western cultures, civilizations. It is very common that leaders of Serbia can't decide where and how will they orient their politic. Today politic of Serbia is pro-European oriented, but, in same time Serbia keeps the old-good connections with Russia and China on East.

Serbia became an European country, I would said - again, after 2000th. After the "5rh October Revolution", Republic of Serbia (previously called Republic of Serbia and Montenegro, than Montenegro claimed independence with referendum.) started grabbing its road to the EU.On its way, there were many obstacles - cooperation with International Court in Hague, resolving problems on South of Serbia - Kosovo, and establishing and adjusting its laws and standards with EU ones.

Serbia has done it's part of cooperating with International Court in Hague, with arresting two remained hiding war criminals - Ratko Mladic and Goran Hadzic. So that's done, and everyone thought that now the doors of European Union are widely opened... But, it wasn't like this.Statements of European high representatives told nation wide, for years, that arresting of accused suspects for War crime (against humanity, Mladic and Hadzic) will open doors and bring Serbia closer to it's goal - gaining the status of "candidate" and date for starting negotiations for full membership in EU. Accused were arrested and brought to the justice in Hague - nothing happened.

Serbia has done most of adjusting and voting of "European" laws and standards, and by that it has right for gaining status and date for joining in to Union - no of that happened.

Twenty years, after democratic changes, Serbia went trough really though period - and really nothing specially changed except few things that's something normal for EVERY country, not just "privileged" ones. ( " privileged ones " is for members of EU , because the Union is showed to the people as something that is matter of prestige - which shouldn't be!)


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    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Soutcentral Europe


      Well, you have a point, BUT:

      1) Serbia needs, at least, SOME of EU standards in a meaning of health, and etc.. For example, Serbia with a rating as a countries with most heroin addicts in Europe (100.000, and just 3000 in sub. treatment... ;( )

      2) Serbia needs bigger market for its great domestic made products.

      3) Serbia needs investments, for new employments (example: Fiat factory in Serbia)

      4) Serbia needs to make pharmaceutic competence huger,bigger because there is some kind of monopoly on that field, so patients have NO ALTERNATIVES in a meaning of medicines

      5) Serbia , i think, is THE ONLY country that doesn't have slow-release (or sustained release) morphine - which is lot cheaper than registered one - hydromorphone formulation "jurnista"

      6) Serbia HAS TO FOLLOW EU way of treating opiate addiction, within only methadone substitution treatment, Serbia hasn't reached the "normal" way of treatment!

      7) Serbia HAS to do much much more in modernization , for example, WE DONT HAVE PAYPAL!!! :(((

      8) I am tired of this, but the last one will be, SERBIA DOESN'T HAVE ANY,ANY,ANY HARM REDUCTION SITES * needle exchange, safe shooting sites, medical help for those who IV drugs, etc.... :(

    • CHRIS57 profile image


      7 years ago from Northern Germany

      Basically i don´t understand the different EU treatment of European countries applying for membership. Why are the Baltic or Slovenia, Bulgaria members, but not Serbia or Iceland?

      So in that respect i understand your hub. But then: what EU are we talking about? It is the EU of huge sovereign debt problems from embedded EURO league. What is so attractive about the EU to join?

      I think for the time being, a country like Turkey is quite happy not to be part of the mess.

      I understand Serbia is quite small and needs access to a larger market to get by. But then: there are economic predators like Germany that will simply swallow you and later ask you to pay for digestion. Would Serbia want to be another S with the PIIGS countries?

      Sorry to say, no good time to join the EU.

    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Soutcentral Europe


      Well, you see... Me, as an 21. year old MICROSOFT Certificated IT Specialist:Server Administrator - can NOT find ANY kind of job. Whole NATION is desperate, and they are reaaaaally full of promises for better life. We, whole nation, TWENTY YEARS is listening You ONLY need to do this and this ,and you are welcome in to EU. We did 2/3 of regulation our laws with EU, fully cooperated with International Court in Hague (Mladic and Hadzic) and after arresting them; every high representative of EU was like: "After this,Serbia surely showed that they have strong intention and will, as an democratic country, to enter and be member of EU - which they WILL BE SHORTLY - read: never)! I mean ," WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH? " . How do You see it all?

    • Cardisa profile image

      Carolee Samuda 

      8 years ago from Jamaica

      Your country has really been through a lot, I hope good changes will come soon so that all your people will prosper and not just members of the EU.

    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      Really great hub , and something that is MUST to KNOW - in order to know what is REALLY happening ON FIELD. I live in a country that is TWENTY years in "transition" and I am real (NEUTRAL) witness what is really happening among EU and Serbia ,and, Serbia-Kosovo.


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