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To the New Administration

Updated on April 4, 2011

The Future Is Always Mutate Able

The future is always mutate able,

so don’t give-in to hype

that we are doomed to destiny

of the less-than-holy type.

Not to say such will not happen,

but no future is a must.

That we can figure things out,

averting war, we ought to trust.

Just look at our accomplishments,

and all the awesome things we make,

so even codes like DNA,

our scientists can break.

Our powers of propulsion,

construction, and intent,

and intricate technologies,

with laws that let us vent . . .

We live in such an awesome time

of great things that can be,

and the glory of human achievement

is everywhere to see.

One prophet to another,

no word is ever stone,

as indeed God Is Almighty,

more than a mortal’s ever known,

so those who say “It Has To Be!”

just because ‘It’s Written!”

It is time to rediscover Love,

and once again be smitten.


Bradley Coldbrook

January 20, 2011


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