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To the New World

Updated on November 27, 2014

They came from afar. They left everything they knew, family, jobs, friends. They packed up whatever they could and headed to a ship.
“There she is.” says a man to his family, “That is what we will be taking to the new world, a world of freedom, of acceptance, a world where we can worship our God and live as we choose”.

This was not an easy journey. What they will have to endure is something that many have never endured before, something that they could only imagine in the darkest place of their minds.

Many people will make it, and many will die. The ships carried disease and rodents along with humans and their livestock. But it will be worth it.

The new world will hold many wonders, it will be a new start for so many. This is a chance that many believe they must take, a risk worthwhile.

After they crossed the oceans and landed on the shores of the new world, they took a breath and took in the newness. All stress and anxiety lifted from them. Many staked land and with their blood, sweat and tears built their homes, cleared land, tilled it and planted.
Some opened shops and lived in their new towns. But all worked hard to build the new world, to fight for its freedoms, to keep it safe and free from becoming what they left behind.

Go forward with me, jump to the ‘now’. What do we see? The once New Wold, the world that our forefathers fought to keep free is no more. Our leaders—both in Canada and the USA— have disgraced those of the past, those who by their blood, sweat and tears built the nations on this continent.

We no longer have the rights and freedoms that were promised to all generations by our forefathers. How their hearts would break to see what has become of this land.

What would they think? What would they say?

Our leaders rule in a manner that is no different then the dictators we condemn. Our leaders rob us of the rights and the freedoms we once had. They behave like tyrants. They lie about others and then invade them, they have falsified documents, tell us half truths and they use the media to spread their propaganda and sell it as truth. These are all things that we have condemned Hitler, Saddam Hussein, etc for.

Why do our leaders behave in such ways, in the ways that if others do it is called evil but when they do it, they call it right and just.

The nations that were built on hope, on the hope of freedom would reign forever is dead. The soil that is filled with the blood, sweat and tears of generations past is crying out for mercy, for change. But alas, the ears of the leaders can not hear, they only hear their own selfish and unjust desires. They do not care about the past.

Canada and the USA are two countries that freedom has forgotten


Is North America the dream our Forefathers had?

Do you believe that the dreams of the past are what we are living in North America?

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