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To the Victims of the Charleston Massacre

Updated on June 24, 2015

To the families of the victims of the Charleston Massacre and all those effected:

My heart aches. I ache and I am so angry for you. I ache and I am angry for Black America. I ache and I am angry for Mother Africa. I mourn for the parts of humanity that are aching and healing and rebuilding themselves. I am so angry that White America (and Europe) has continued to take the most devastating blows at the healing portions of humanity. What makes me all the more angry is that many white leaders of today will not even acknowledge that racism was THE motivating factor in this massacre. Fox News even went as far as to play the victim by speaking of it as an attack on Faith. This is disgusting! I only recently learned about the Governmental Policy about racism around the Civil Rights Era called 'Bening Neglect'. These White schemers concluded that their best way of keeping their position of privilege was to never talk about the issue of racism. Bening Neglect? This is Blatant Denial!

Your pain and the reality of this situation must be acknowledged; but the white-devil (for that is what any white man who pits his race against humanity is) knows that if he acknowledges it, he will have to change it. The white man knows that all that he maintains comes from holding the rest of humanity, especially the Black Man, down.

Those of you who are building your lives, families & communities in Charleston are amazing people. I have admiration, love, support and respect for who you choose to be, day-in and day-out – despite the opposition that you face.

You should not have to tell the white man what is racist, offensive, oppressive and hurtful. The white man should know and should speak up to other white men about these issues. The Black Man and his families and his communities ought to at least have this support from fellow humans, so that you can focus your energies, time, resources and devotion on your families, your communities and the restoration & renewal of your cultures.

What the white man is currently doing is so vile and detestable - I cannot get my head around the fact that I was oblivious to it for so long. I believe this is because I was never actually oblivious to it, I only accepted & denied it because I was living off of it's privilege - yet I knew deep down how shameful this was. This is Unacceptable! You, Black Humanity, are the Sun of the Earth!

You, my black brother and sister. You, my black mother and father. You, my black aunt and uncle, neice and nephew, friend and family member – You are the Mother's and Father's of the Earth. We all know it, but no one is saying it. We all know that humanity evolved, and began, and began to thrive in Africa. We know that all those who came from Africa had beautiful black skin. We know these things scientifically – Yet, the shrewd, heartless white-'man' has hidden these things and even inserted blatant lies into history. Manufacturing false fossils to prove that a race of man started in Europe. Impossible! We know too much now and the white-'man's' frauds have been debunked.

I ache that my culture and heritage is filled with cruelty toward your people and toward Africa. I know that the pain of the Earth itself is caused solely by the white man and the consciousness of these people. So much violence, lack, judgement and death. The 'One and Only Way' of the white-man is not working.

Words cannot express what you have gone through this week. I have attempted to imagine many times, but I know that my brain falls short of the anguish and pain that this has caused each of you. These killings are so senseless. The lives lost; so precious. I weep when I think of the pain that this must have caused to a healing people. I weep because this massacre is the act of reopening a many century old wound that would heal, if only it was allowed to. My love goes out to all who are mourning.

The lost remain: Kings and Queens of the Earth.

To the white-man – specifically and generally – who propagated, perpetrated and perpetuated the racism involved in the Charleston Massacre:

How dare you? How dare you carry the most despisable tradition of racism and white supremacy into this Century? How dare you continue to murder, arrest, fine and belittle the black man at such an alarming rate? How dare you deny the blatant effects of the racism that has been indoctrinated within us from generation to generation?

This evil must stop! Fox News, don't you know that this evil must come to an end?! You're so insane! You have separated yourselves so far from humanity and all that is natural, that you cannot even empathize with humanity. Especially if that humanity is not white.

This is a vile trait of the white man. It is as if, when we lost our melanin, we lost our consciousness too. No one with any regard for the true God, would deny the oppression that his brother is going through right before him. No one with any capacity for love or 'Christ-likness' could be so cruel to the man that he sees before him. This is not God! You serve your religion and you neglect the God in you! You serve your own selfish gains before you serve the Love that you were intended to be.

You have fallen. You have slipped from the awareness of Love. For hundreds of years you have oppressed Africa! When will it be too much for you? (It is already far too much for the rest of the world!) When will you rise from your state of chosen slumber and change your minds? What will it take for you to open your eyes? If the Charleston Massacre will not open your eyes; then how can you be human? You have been so indoctrinated by this heartless white system that you don't feel for humanity. You don't care! You just want to stay comfortable in this system that was created for you. You feel warm and cozy there and don't want to wake up. Well, WAKE UP! You are destroying the earth! The ozone layer is being depleted. The Sahara spreads. Entire people groups have been wiped from the face of the earth, and humanity is left with no record of their history – because the white man committed genocide on their people within one generation of coming in contact with them. Species are going extinct. The Earth is hurting and humanity along with it.

Open your eyes and see that the state of the planet is a direct reflection of your consciousness. The aches of the Earth and Humanity are because you have made yourself a leech - sucking the life from the Earth and all its inhabitants. You only make things worse, for all of humanity including yourself, by remaining in your state of evil slumber.

I am sickened and angry! The murderer and all those proponents of racism have no excuse and they are the scum of the earth. You have no excuse! The evil things that you do are without excuse!

To all of humanity:

Humanity, I ask of you to stand for what is right in all situations. If you too have been indoctrinated with the foolish concept of light/white supremacy and have allowed it to influence how you treat darker skinned people – please stop! Please educate yourself! Please take it on yourself to teach your own mind what is true about all of humanity and to come to your own conclusions. Stand up for the Black Man! Stand up to the white-man! 'Race' is a concept created by the white-man only a couple centuries ago. It was a lie and a tool to control the minds of the masses. Any mental space that the white-man has influenced ought to be disinfected, cleansed and retaught the truth with great diligence and great study.

Once again! My heart and my love go out to the families & loved ones of the victims of the Charleston Massacre. You are loved. You are beautiful. You are the Kings and the Queens of the Earth!

written on 6/22/15


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