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To What Degree Should “assimilation” Be a Necessary Component of Us Immigration Policy?

Updated on March 22, 2019

Assimilation and Immigration

I think that any person who threatens our country in a way that appears to be an effort to harm our nation should be deported or not let into the country.  I think that the US needs to have harsher laws or policies on immigration and that the United States should have a right to declare a national language. I find more people born and raised in the U.S. have to learn a foreign language and there’s no doubt that the most common has been Spanish and to me, that is not fair considering that the reason behind this language being learned as much as it has been is the amount of immigrants both legally and illegally coming over from south of the border. I don’t think our country should have to shift to accommodate immigrants; we are our own nation and as much as we thrive and love our diversity as a country, there should be limits on how much we have to change to appease others. If they are coming here, why should the people already here have to change because throngs of them have been coming over? Is that fair? Why should we have to assimilate to their customs or language. This boils over into other things like racial profiling. I think it is necessary, however unfair.  It would have been a crucial tool in helping stop many terrorist attacks, and still can be. I fully understand the concept of having the freedom of speech and religion, etc. but there are limits to this and abusing the system should call for deportation of some type of punishment. I realize censorship doesn’t allow for complete freedom of speech but because of this day and age, we find it necessary due to many reasons; we censor TV because of young generations, we censor what cannot be said on a plane (bomb), and various things like this. This I don’t find to be an infringement on my liberty but rather completely justified and because we cannot allow constant threats not knowing what is truthful or not, these scaring tactics must be delt with every time, and for that to happen, it causes much disruption in peoples life as well as the schedules of people, flights, technology, etc. I don’t think we should tolerate this type of action in any way, shape, or form. I don’t believe people who burn our flag out of spite or out of haste or hate should be allowed this type of destruction and to display the message they are sending. In order to be in this country, there must be some type patriotism or pride one finds in living here and be a part of this country. Burning the flag out of malice should be a crime and should not be tolerated. People who immigrate should treat our country with as much respect  and devotion as they do toward their country they immigrated from. I think it’s only fair since they are expecting to have a new life here; therefore, they need to respect their new home, respect the laws, policies, and regulations. I do not mean to infringe to necessarily crush their customs or religion but there are compromises one must make or leave behind in order to establish a new life as well as embody the new laws in a new country.


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