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To what extent, Politics will descend?

Updated on August 24, 2017

Real leaders after Independence!

Politics is really a "Cesspool.

Politics is really a ‘cesspool’. Those who are tolerant enough to immerse themselves in that pool alone can survive. The recent political developments in various states of India are a clear example! Consequent to instant messages through “Face book, Twitter, Instagram and other such platforms, people in politics receive very harsh comments from the general public and youngsters who frequent those platforms. It is natural that most of the politicians turn a deaf ear to public comments or opinions. Even if the print and visual media troll about these figures, they have become indifferent to such remarks and comments. None of them bothers about public opinion, as long as they march towards their goals, however mean it may be! The drama that unfolded in Tamil Nadu and other states are eye openers for many nuances who want to adopt politics as their field. It is very sad; people have forgotten basic human values like Truth, Righteousness, Peace, selfless love and non-violence. People are enamored by positions of power, wealth and followers..They are ignorant that all these considerations are false view. Nothing lasts as service and sacrifice over the self. The drama played by politicians is nauseating so to say. But the media is happy to exhibit scoop news for creating public interest. Those who were convicted for serious crimes are posing themselves as honest and upright persons caring for the public. They have no standing at all in public opinion. Grabbing has become their wont. They never care what the public will think! Utter corruption is their only mantra. They have looted the public in connivance with many! They are spending it without any care or caution! What the law enforcement Officials of Economic offences are doing except watching them with nonchalance? By hook or crook, people want power and pelf! This is what we observe through the news that pours in through each second!

Indhra was once termed as India!

Leg pulling and horse trading is the fate of politics in Tamil Nadu!

It is not the case of Tamil Nadu alone! Recently, Bihar, Gujarat, West Bengal, J&K and Tripura, witnessed such political games! That may be the reason why the politicians in Tamil Nadu also have chosen this sort of questionable politics. If all politicians are honest and upright, there is not much work for the media people. Hence they are busy with discussions and judgments of each event that unfold everywhere! There are serious transgressions of Law as observed in much judgment of Supreme Court and High Courts. The law abiding citizens are perturbed at the abysmal conditions which erode the ethos of a country!

I can say this is the combined effects of technological breakthrough in instant communications. We pride ourselves that the world has become a “global village”. These are the effects we observe now today. Previous to technological innovations when the freedom struggle under the great leaders was fought on, people were of sacrificing tendencies. They considered the nation above their villages and families. They underwent rigorous imprisonments at the hands of British authorities. They silently bore those tortures and really their selflessness brought the coveted freedom to India from British rule. The moment party rule commenced, everything went chaos! Gandhi has advised freedom fighters to disband the Congress! But once Independence is gained, the mentality of some leaders changed. There were many issues after partition. Such a hard won freedom was frittered in petty politics. Gandhi was aware that “Power will corrupt the mind of even once honest persons.

The drama of ‘leg pulling’ was not prevalent in the initial days of governance. Slowly, those who wielded power at the States realized the perks that accompany the posts. Some twenty years later, ‘power politics’ occupied the central stage during the period of Indira Gandhi. She was stubborn in dealing with opponents and critics. Unable to match her will and charisma, many politicians were sidelined in the party. Indian National Congress suffered a vertical split. The one headed by Indira won the elections hands down. All seniors were shown the door. She had many foes in politics and everyone was watching for an opportunity to bring her down! She imposed “Emergency” consequent to an adverse judgment from Allahabad High Court. Many incidents happened in the political scenario of India and unfortunately she was assassinated in point blank range by her own security guard! Sadly, Rajiv Gandhi who assumed the highest post was naïve in politics. He too succumbed in a bomb blast in Tamil Nadu! The Dravidian parties who were at the helm of affairs for more than a decade utilized every opportunity to unseat other parties from occupying the throne in Tamil Nadu! For the past many decades, either the DMK or AIADMK were occupying alternatively the governance of Tamil Nadu!

Once great leaders!

The CM has not pointed any as her successor!

After the sad demise of J.Jayalalitha who was an icon in Tamil Nadu politics was elected twice continuously in spite of adverse handling of Chennai Floods before the last election! Everyone predicted that the DMK will win hands down! In spite of many forecasts, Jayalalitha had become ‘invincible’ in Tamil Nadu politics. But the stress of politics has become too much for the leader who was already ailing with complications of health. Due to sudden turn of events, she was admitted to a leading hospital in the city but she succumbed to cardiac arrest after seventy five days! The subsequent political events are anything but normal. Today the government has lost the credibility due to leg pulling politics played by one group who wants to hold control of the Party! The post of General Secretary held by the CM for many decades lying vacant, it has become a nice opportunity to occupy her saddle by her friend. The irony of fate is inscrutable. The ambitious friend tried to grab the CM post by many threats to the party members. But a slight delay in appointing her anticipating a verdict in disproportionate asset case resulted in her imprisonment. Anticipating revolt, she installed her close relative as “Deputy” before undergoing imprisonment. Initially the Chief Minister appointed on the advice of her was more than obedient to her! Later finding abnormal interference of the family in the administration made him to remain independent of them. Already there were two groups, one from ex Chief Minister, the other one from present CM. Now that they have joined back, the threat is from the Deputy who has garnered the support of many members and threatening to pull down the government! The entire India is watching the sad drama! People are at the receiving end since many of the welfare measures are already slowing down!


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