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Hiroshima An Inspiration

Updated on January 19, 2016

As I was watching the news on the occasion of Hiroshima Bombing 70 years ago I realized the journey taken by Japan to become one of the major economic giants of the world.

This is going to be a simple and short hub on the 'Plant Happy Thoughts' series because ... the Japanese discovered what it takes to move on and not be stagnant .


World War II started in 1939 and ended in 1945. Of all the devastation that happened during this war, the Hiroshima & Nagasaki incident was the worst. To stop the Japanese from progressing in the war and their war acts of attacking Pearl Harbor, US naval base in Philippines and some other places in Pacific War really. Something has to be done to stop the war and force Japan to surrender and decision was made to drop the newly developed Atomic Weapon.

On August 6, 1945, the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima and then three days later, dropped another atomic bomb on Nagasaki. The devastation was shocking. Japan surrendered on August 16, 1945, known as V-J Day (Victory over Japan). (source : World War II : About Education)

President Harry Truman announcement

When you arrive in Hiroshima you can look around and for 25 and perhaps 30 square miles you can see hardly a building. It gives you an empty feeling in the stomach to see such man-made devastation.(

— Wilfred Burchett

Post War

After so many causalities and destruction, how did Japan become one to lead the Asian economy in the 80's ? Compared to all the other Asian nations the devastation incurred by Japan was far worst, and yet they were able to catch up with the west much faster and earned a recognition.

A lot of transformation took place, the nation restored all the industries which majored in warfare enterprises to specialize in electronic, motor industries and many more lucrative business.. Names like Hitachi, Honda, Suzuki and many more emerged in the market with various products. (List of Japanese Brands)

But that is not all, there is something else that energized this economic transformation. The leaders and the people would have failed if there was no positive motivation to move towards betterment.

Something Beyond Money

It is not easy to motivate people and looking at what happened is motivating the whole nation. Every family somehow lost some family members, their homes, their land and yet they worked for the development of the nation.

Only something more then money could have helped in the nations rapid growth. What inspired the people to come out from what may have taken years of depression 'mode' and walk up victoriously.

But looking into history, even before the WW2, Japan was already a successful nation with its warriors motivated to be 'suicide weapons' , killing themselves for the nation.

I have no idea of how and the methods used but for sure it is no magic, but there is something more then money and that is for sure.





Hiroshima : An Inspiration

So much things can be learned about this country. Relating it to my previous hubs 'Plant Good Thoughts' Hiroshima is an Inspiration. So much devastation and they built everything up.

What could have been in their thoughts then (I have highlighted some powerful words)

  1. Stop Worrying and Start Thinking ~ accepting that It has happened so stop worrying about the issue again
  2. Power of Letting Go ~ Drop the ego, end the conflict, there is no ill-feeling or thought of revenge.
  3. Chase Happiness ~ Live in the Now, Look forward, find solution, put it out and act on it

I personally believe and assume that:

  1. they have taken this as a lesson learned
  2. they forgave all those who put misery onto their shoulders.
  3. the society avoided criticizing anyone or anybody
  4. they decided to focus on what is right

They wanted

  1. Wanted to fly after the fall did not want to be the broken-winged bird
  2. The flower that blooms after a long cold winter
  3. Be Alive, celebrate their life
  4. Paint their dream

Overcoming Challenges

During the time when people were scrambling with confusion, someone decided to , meeet it, accept it and overcome it. And they manage to pull everyone together and come out of such tragic :

  1. Emotion ~ Very sorrowful, as many would have lost their family and friends. Exceeding that was the feeling for survival
  2. Economy ~ It was almost like a Point '0' and Japan as a whole had to provide for and regenerate income for the development
  3. Society ~ People from all over Japan and outside of Japan start looking at the damage and devastation. They start assisting.
  4. Politics ~ as they were in war during the time, the country had to recall all the soldiers and help in bringing up the nation





WE will survive

Challenges that we face almost every time is not as big or huge as what this people of Hiroshima have endured . So proof our worth, show that we belong, come out of our little rat hole and show the world we are survivors ..


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