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Tommy Robinson: Compared to Nelson Mandela.

Updated on July 20, 2018
Poster of silencing EDL leader Tommy Robinson.
Poster of silencing EDL leader Tommy Robinson. | Source
Gerard Batten of UKIP:  Defended Tommy Robinson on Newsnight, BBC 2.
Gerard Batten of UKIP: Defended Tommy Robinson on Newsnight, BBC 2. | Source

Gerard Batten current leader of UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) caused quite a stir the other night on Newsnight. Anchorman Evan Davis interviewing the UKIP leader was told in no uncertain terms that former EDL leader (English Defence League) Tommy Robinson was similar to Nelson Mandela. Robinson currently in prison for contempt of court has marched and spoke out about what he sees as Islamic extremism. The English Defence League was set up by Robinson (real name Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon) to combat the mockery of British troops when coming back from Afghanistan by Muslim protesters.

Evan Davis nearly fell off his interview seat when he heard Batten compare Robinson to Mandela. When challenged over this Batten said he did not agree with all things that Robinson said or did however in the great scheme of things in this struggle between good and evil Robinson like Mandela (who struggled against Apartheid) would be vindicated. Batten elaborated that there was a time when Mandela was regarded as a terrorist and plotted to kill innocent people. Robinson, on the other hand, continued Batten had only marched and spoke out against Islamic extremism and hurt no one.

Mr Batten spoke at an EDL rally the other day in a 'Free Tommy Robinson' gathering but it is odd because officially EDL members are banned from joining UKIP. So what is happening? Is this a one-off thing where both UKIP and the EDL have found common ground in the imprisoning of Tommy Robinson or something more substantial?

Nigel Farage by far the most successful UKIP leader so far has said Tommy Robinson has broken the law. Farage has said in the past Mandela was a hero and similar to Christ.

UKIP have of late performed badly at the polls and are not represented any more in parliament. They have a few MEP's (Mr Batten being one of them) (Members of the European Parliament) but that's it. They have very few councillors in town halls these days their vote disappearing to the Tories apparently and some to Labour. Some have been asking though with the current muddle of Brexit in the Conservative party could UKIP make a dramatic comeback?

In the world of politics, one thing is for sure never take anything for granted and always expect the unexpected.

EDL Image.
EDL Image. | Source
Another poster decrying imprisonment of Tommy Robinson.
Another poster decrying imprisonment of Tommy Robinson. | Source

Short Bio of Tommy Robinson.

1) Born in Luton in 1982.

2) Approximately 35 years old.

3) Married in 2011 with three children.

4) His parents were Irish.

5) Was involved earlier on with BNP (British National Party).

6) Was also Joint Chairman of BFP (British Freedom Party).

7) Wrote for a time for 'Rebel Media'.

8) Steve Bannon defended Robinson on his show.

9) Is involved with Pegida UK (Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West). Pegida originally set up in Germany.

10) Has written an autobiography 'Enemy of the State' and co-authored a book with Peter McLoughlin 'Mohammed's Koran: Why Muslims Kill for Islam'.

11) EDL set up by Robinson to combat Islamic extremism.

12) Served as leader of English Defence League between 2009 - 2013.

13) Currently in prison and serving a 13-month sentence for contempt of court.

14) Pro Robinson rallies have occurred up and down the UK since his imprisonment.


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