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Too much hype over Medical Malpractice!

Updated on February 21, 2011

Another ABIAS-CBN News

I was at the gym sweating on the threadmill when I saw this news on TV Patrol, however, since I was so immune to their biases, I instantly reverted my attention to more relevant issues.

In the Philippines, any hearsay and any misinformation that would vehemently destroy the reputation of a doctor or hospital is a definite "Headline News."

Any bystander is an "Expert Witness" and whoever doctor that is under the scrutinizing "eye" of the public will be deemed lifeless, eventually whortless.

I am no surgeon but penetrating injuries to the liver (bullets) carry a death rate of 10-15% and largely depend on the type of injury and the extent of the associated injury to other organs.

if three major organs are damaged, the death rate is close to 70%. Bleeding and not infection causes more than half of deaths.

Too many speculations from non-medical personnels!

This is a medico-legal case that was handled by a very competent teaching hospital, why is the opinion of a policeman (he is still a LAYMAN) important and substantial with regards to the cause of death of the patient?

It is the duty of the Medico-legal officer, pathologist, surgeon or attending physician to comment on these stuff. He is no "Expert" to comment on the cause of death of the patient.

The problem here is why did FEU allowed the postmortem care without removing the medical instruments that were used for hemostasis (to stop the bleeding)?

Morticians usually give unsolicited rumors to the relatives and policemen regarding the cause of death of these patients. They act as if they are doctors....Duh!

My opinion is that FEU should have performed an autopsy, since its a medico-legal case. The autopsy could have protected them from these malicious and erroneous reports.

On the other hand, are the relatives trying to extort money from FEU?

I think FEU should retaliate and do some legal action on whoever is responsible.


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    • profile image

      aardvark 7 years ago

      May mai-balita lang! :p

    • profile image

      cruzer 7 years ago

      Alot of these patients are harassing the doctors and hospital, hoping they can extort money from them.