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The Top Ten Reasons Why Presidents Day Should NOT be a holiday!

Updated on August 9, 2014
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Bill Russo is featured in the film & TV show, The Bridgewater Triangle & has written several books (both fiction & non) on Amazon Kindle.

10. There are only a few living ex presidents and they don’t need a day off because they are rich and already get lots of days off.

09. Mail service stops and people will notice that a holiday is pretty much like any other day with the U.S.postal service. At the supermarket when there's more than three people in line, they open a new register. At the post office when there's more than 30 people in line...the postal clerk goes to lunch!

08. Lincoln’s got his mug on the penny and Washington is on the dollar, isn’t that enough for them?

07. Henry Ford did more for the country that most Presidents why doesn’t he get a day?

06. There’s no good President’s day songs. Christmas has almost all the good ones

05. You don’t get any presents.

04. It’s bad for the greeting card business…nobody buys P Day Cards.

03. It’s in February…'whatcha gonna do' on Feb 20th anyway?

02. There’s no football games on…..we might as well be at work!


"It’s a poor excuse to pick a man’s pocket every third Monday of February."


Your Thoughts....

Should we get rid of Presidents Day and go back to having separate days for Lincoln and Washington?

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Here's the Real Reason!

The justification for eliminating Presidents Day is that it does not exist!

The holiday is still on the Federal Government's books as George Washington's birthday.

You could look it up!

In the 1960s, some states had both Washington's birthday and Lincoln's birthday as holidays.

I'm guessing that there might have been some pushback from the South about making Lincoln's birthday an official national celebration.

There was no opposition, however, to Washington's birthday.

Around 1970, several holidays were changed to Mondays to give people a long weekend,

Somebody came up with the idea of rebranding Washington's Birthday as Presidents Day.

It appears as though the media has fully accepted this, even if some fans of President Lincoln have not.

What do you think?


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    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 7 years ago from Cape Cod

      Another e-mailer told me the Number One Reason Presidents Day SHOULD Be a HOLIDAY.....

      A Day off from Work! (I can't argue with that logic.)

    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 7 years ago from Cape Cod

      I got an email that the Number One reason Presidents Day should not be a holiday is.....

      George Bush

    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 7 years ago from Cape Cod

      In Massachusetts, the school systems made President's Day part of February vacation, so the whole week is a holiday for students and teachers - not for Moms and Dads.