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Top 10 superpowers in the world -India at No. 7

Updated on April 13, 2012
Indian Flag
Indian Flag

India is at the seventh position in our list of top 10 Super Powers in the world. Officially known as Republic of India, India is the world seventh largest country by geographical area situated in South Asia. It is second most populous country with more than 1.2 billion people and the largest democracy in the world. It is the only country in the world on which an Ocean is named called India Ocean. In terms of economy, India is world's tenth largest economy by nominal GDP and third-largest by purchasing power parity PPP. It is one of fastest economy in the world and slowly becoming a industrialized country. It become a nuclear weapon state after the 1974 Pokharan nuclear test and has the third largest standing army after China and USA. It is one country of fastest growing nation league called BRICS. India is a pluralistic, multilingual, and multiethnic society.

Let us measure India Strength on our criteria:

1. Military

The Indian Military which is known as Bhartiya Sasastra Senaeyan in hindi is the Armed Forces of India. Indian armed forces includes Indian army, Indian Navy and Indian air-force. Indian Army also include paramilitary forces which also consist a considerable number of personnel. Supreme Commander of Indian Armed forces is President of India however its day to day business is run by Ministry of defence which is headed by a cabinet ranker defect minister. Indian military is also one of the largest military in the world with more than 1.3 million active personnel and 2.3 million paramilitary forces.

Indian Military is also one of the largest in terms of defence spending. In current budget, it got more than $41 billion which is just less than 2% of GDP. Currently it is the largest importer of arms and equipments in the world. Its primary arm supplier are US, Russia and France.



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    • ata1515 profile image


      6 years ago from Buffalo, New York.

      I hope you accidentally published when you were halfway through because this article has a nice beginning, but I would really like to read the end!


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