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Top 5 Biggest Kennedy Conspiracy Theories

Updated on February 8, 2018
Larry Lease profile image

Lawrence has been a freelance writer for nearly a decade. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in mass communications from U of South Florida.


It has been 50 years since gun shots rang out and killed probably America's most beloved Presidents. Over the years, conspiracy theories have pointed fingers at different players. Just recently, more than 3,600 classified documents relating to Kennedy's death were made public.

According to FiveThirtyEight, more than 61 percent of Americans believe multiple players were involved in Kennedy's death. While the documents released will not reveal any bombshell revelations, historians and conspiracy theorists will pore over the papers looking for the smallest clue, in hopes of solving the most famous "unexplained" crimes of the century. Today there are five major theories that people continue to believe in.


The Grassy Knoll

The Warren Commission, which was established to find the truth, concluded that Oswald himself killed Kennedy and that Jack Ruby himself alone killed Oswald, two days later. However, most theorists reject this finding.

In 1976, the House of Representatives reopened the investigations into the death of President John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. They concluded that there was probably a second shooter on the now infamous "grassy," which overlooks the spot that Kennedy was killed in the motorcade route.

In 1982, the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Ballistic Acoustics rejected the second shooter theory alleging their acoustic data does not support the theory of a second shooter.


The Umbrella Man

One of the most suspicious people that was lined up to watch president go by is known as the "Umbrella Man." He was later identified as Louie Witt. Witt was spotted in the Zapruder Film, opening it up as Kennedy drove by. Conspiracy theorists claim he should a poison dart or was signaling someone. Witt later revealed that it was just a tactic to heckle President Kennedy.

Another group of suspicious people that were near the scene are known as the three tramps. They were later identified in Dallas arrest records as Gus Abrams, Harold Doyle and John Gedney. Before they were identified, allegations were made about their identifies and some identified one of the men as future Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt.

The Mob

President Kennedy and his AG brother Robert Kennedy were very interested in cracking down on the Mob. Conspiracy theorists tie this the fact that President Kennedy failed in overthrowing Fidel Castro in Cuba, leaving the mafia controlled casinos were still shutdown and Robert Kennedy was even making a case against Jimmy Hoffa.

Robert Kennedy even believed that he got John Kennedy killed. Robert thought he would killed and not John and as a result of that the reality haunted the family.

The Government Responsible

One of the more common theories is that President John F. Kennedy's death was an inside job. Robert Kennedy originally believed it was a group within the CIA. The CIA was angry with Kennedy for the botched Bay of Pigs Invasion. An organization shrouded in mystery and has a motive, is will never stop being a suspect. However, the CIA claims it had nothing to do with the crime.

Another theory includes the driver of the President's car turns around and shoots JFK. A theory that has been quickly written off.

Ted Cruz's Father was Involved

One of the newest conspiracies involve none other than Senator Ted Cruz's father. During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump alleged that Republican candidate Ted Cruz's father was an associate of Lee Harvey Oswald. Even after winning the nomination, Trump kept drawing attention to this theory. Trump pointed out the fact that the National Enquirer had a photo of Cruz's father Rafael Cruz having breakfast with Lee Harvey Oswald.

Not clear why Donald Trump believes the National Enquirer as a reliable news source. Donald Trump later said the magazine got OJ, John Edwards right, meaning that if they were the New York Times, they would have earned a Pulitzer Prize.

In Conclusion

We may never know, which conspiracy theorists may never want so they can continue to examine their theories and try to prove them right. While Pres. Trump did release the remaining Kennedy files, they were not bombshells and still left Americans with questions that need answers. Kennedy may have been killed by the CIA or the Mafia, but who has the guts to publicly come forward and speak the truth and also most importantly prove what they say with evidence.

© 2018 Lawrence Lease


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