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Top 8 Greek killers

Updated on October 15, 2015

Nikos Gogos

Murdered, dissected and boiled his friend

"Crime of unimaginable brutality for the region of Epirus " was the comment of Professor of Forensic Medicine, University of Ioannina Theodore Vougiouklakis for the 48 year old murdered victim from Filippada.

"There is dismemberment of the body in very small pieces in such a way that there won't be any trace left. What was found was just bone and tissue debris" reported Dr. Vougiouklakis, who examined the findings of the police from the sewer of the 36 year murderer's residence.

The victim was a 48 year old father of 2 underaged children. The crime was discovered after the murderer confessed to the police that he killed, dismembered and boiled his victim.

Zoe Dalaklidou

He killed her because he liked her

December 2012

The horrific murder of the 34 year old Zoi Dalaklidou in Xanthi was confessed.The 27 year old Chris Papazoglou, who owned a grocery store next to the house of the girl stated to the police that he killed in the back yard of her house the unfortunate girl because he liked her and then her burned her to cover his tracks.

The confession was cynical: "I knew her for years and i liked her. I met her radomly on Thursday morning and led her- despite her resistance- at her back yard. There was what happened. I was in custody last year for a rape case, but I was out of prison ... "he said.

The coroner found that the young woman had suffered sexual abuse and injuries at both the body and head, testifying painful death before the perpetrator set the fire and cause 2nd and 3rd degree burns to the upper part of her body.



He cut his wife in 16 pieces

June 1987

He was chopping her for 3 and a half hours.... He cut her in 16 pieces, put the pieces in different bags and threw them into the bins around the house. A collector who was looking in the trash for mail envelopes, found in the trash, at the street Ailianou 12 in Kato Patissia, the chopped members of the 18-year old Zoe Garmani.

The head of the unfortunate girl was found elsewhere on the road Acharnon and Pipinou.
It was so battered that there could not be recognized.

A receipt from a bucher shop, which was found in one of the bags, reminded to the bucher the killer that had shopped earlier from his store.His name was Panagiotis Frantzis.

He was the husband of the 18-year old Zoe, he surrendered himself to the authorities and got arrested. He was 27 years old, student of economics and salesman.

He never admitted that he killed his wife, he stated that during a fight he pushed her,causing her to fall over in the closet and get killed." I was scared and in order to avoid the consequences I dissected the corpse," said to the police, although the forensic report showed strangulation traces. As it was said, the motive was pathological jealousy.

Theofilos Sechidis

"I managed to kill them before they kill me"

Aughust 1996,

Public opinion freezes. The student Theofilos Sechidis, cold and unrepentant, cynically describes in full detail how he killed his family. He murdered his father, his mother, his sister, his uncle and grandmother and started to chop their bodies with a saw. Then he put the chopped members in bags and carried them with his car in junkyard Kavala where he unloaded them

."They wanted to get me out of the way. I managed to kill first. They did psychological war to me. I killed them before they kill me"... he cynically confessed to police.

Douris and his victim

He raped and killed his 6 year old child


New Year's Eve 1993, a few hours before new year's eve, the 40-year old Manolis Douris from Ermioni, and his wife, Georgia, report to the police station of Kranidion the disappearance of one of their 7 children, the 6 year old Nikos.

Investigations in Hermione begin. Everybody is trying to find the child. Eventually he was found in a vacant lot near the stadium of Hermione behind an old abandoned building, but he is dead... The coroner states that the child was sexually abused and his death occurred by asphyxiation, as the perpetrator had blocked the mouth and nose.

Manolis Douris, having by his side the whole society, is crying inconsolably. He swears that he will avenge those who did such a thing to his son and family.

The rush to report the disappearance of the child makes him suspect for the police. Everyone knew that his children were going out and return home any time they wanted and their father didn't care particularly.

A few days later he confesses that he raped and killed the 6 yar old Nikos. Then negates the confession,stating that this was not the perpetrator. In February 1996 the Douris commits suicide in prison.

He sawed his son...

July 1996,

"I couldn't stand seeing you suffer... I killed him to set you free. "

The family's drama ends with the most horrible way. Their mentaly ill child is now dead... Apostolos Kosmas struck with an ax the head of his eldest son and lynched him with a knife. Then he wrapped the corpse of the child in the car's hood, loaded it in the trunk of the car and went to Kalamos. There, in a building pit, he threw the corpse and set it on fire. The following morning, the 54 year old Apostolos, went back to that place and sawed the half- burnt corpse in 11 pieces...

While putting the members in bags, in order to throw it in a landfill, he got arrested by the police, as he had been seen by passerby....

He was wandering in the village's alleys holding her head...

The murder of the 25 year teacher by her husband in the village Vourvoulos near Fira Santorini, is described as one of the most heinous crimes in Greek history.

After an intense argument, the 31-year old Athanasios Arvanitis killed his wife, by stubbing her underarm, then he cut the head off and wandered at the streets of the village with it, causing such horror to the villagers, that surpasses all human imagination and endurance.

When the 31-year old was spotted by a police patrol, he pretended to surrender. When the officer attempted to handcuff him the murderer attacked him with a knife and wounded him in the face. Another policeman shot four times the murderer injuring his cest and abdomen, and- still failed to immobilise him (!!!)

Then the 31 year-old murderer threw the head of unfortunate teacher in the police car, got into it and ran away. He was driving to the touristic village Fira, but his carelessly driving way, led him to an oncoming motor bike. They crashed and he injured the 2 young ladies that drove the motorbike. Then he finally got arrested...

"The dragon with the saw"

October 1995,

"While having sex with these women, I was becoming a different person.
My hands instinctively went around their neck ... ".

Antonis Daglis got sentenced thirteen times life and 52 years without any mitigating, for raping and strangling three women and for attempting to rape another eight.

He became known as "the dragon with the saw" since the first time, after he strangled-in the specially constructed closed van, which was parked on the street Char. Trikoupis- a 29 year old prostitute, the 22 year old murderer went to Schimatari, where he shredded with a saw the corpse and removed the intestines ...

Then he drove to Tanagra, where he threw the shredded body in the sea and around the coast, right next to the highway.

Antonis Daglis got arrested in January 1996. In August 1997 he got hanged in the mental prison of Korydallos along with a fellow inmate.


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