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Top Secret Persian Gulf War Game Revealing

Updated on April 14, 2012

About ten years ago, the US military had an sobering, eye opening result of a two week wargame between Iran and the US in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz. The "game" covered all aspects of a possible conflict with Iran and cost $250 million.There was a Red Team (Iran) and a Blue Team (US). The Blue team in the scenario had demanded that surrender over a dispute and its naval forces gathered in strength in this live and computer generated game to assess possible outcomes.

Well, the commander of the Red Team, a daring Marine colonel, conducted a sudden,pre-emptive attack using swarms of anti-ship missiles fired in large salvos, which overwhelmed the US ships sensors and guns. Sixteen ships had been seriously damaged or sunk by Day Two.This included one aircraft carrier, ten cruisers and five of six amphibious ships and cost 20,000 deaths. As the US tried to recover and gain the upper hand, the Red Team sent in swarms of fast attack craft also armed with 1-3 anti-ship missiles, all on a suicide mission. The US detection of the smaller craft at sea proved to be much more difficult than anticipated and more US ships were crippled or sunk. The Blue Team had yet to even attack. They were trying to recover.

So, within a few days of the start, the game had to be reset, this time strict courses of action had to be followed and assumed Red Team would have their anti-aircraft radars on, which enabled the Blue Team to destroy them. Red Team was not allowed to shoot at Blue Team's troop landing aircraft. The worse rule was that Red Team's positions were always known!

Well, the Blue Team won the restarted war game this time. The commander of Red Team was pissed and stated that the exercise was a total waste because of the rules imposed, which were unrealistic. How true!

Since 2002, the US has tried to make the changes to their ships to prevent the war game disaster from happening in real life, yet, the simple fact is that the ECM detection and ability to defend a ship is limited especially when 5-8 missiles are fired simultaneously at it. The ship's ability is unable to keep all from impact and it only takes one to seriously damage and cripple it, if not, sink it.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      It was in the wall Street Journal and if you google the name, millennium challenge you will see it was not secret even in 2007.

    • shepheka profile image

      shepheka 5 years ago

      Can I ask where you recieved your information?

      I am a veternan of the USN and my spouse is an active duty member, within the intelligence communtiy(top secret security clearance) with a primary focus on Iran, neither of us have ever heard of this.