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Elections : Top Reasons to Vote ...

Updated on May 29, 2012

Protesting for Change

voting in elections, would mean not so many protests would be needed.
voting in elections, would mean not so many protests would be needed. | Source

Power of the People

Voting in municipal, provincial and federal elections is a right and responsibility that too many people don't take seriously.

In a world where the direction seems to be heading more towards profit and less towards caring for people voting gives "the people" a voice, a way to be heard. Despite the imbalances and flaws in the system, voting matters.

Corruption and caos within the government will never end if they believe the population doesn't care. If everyone voted the results would be different.

We have been convinced that our vote doesn't really count, so only a few voices are heard in every election and they are the ones directing the path our politicians are leading us into the future on.

If a majority of people voted instead of a very small minority the political systems would have radically results because the marginalized in our world would vote for change which means different leaders with different political philosophies would be running cities, states, provinces and countries.

The minority who don't vote don't believe they count or they matter and is it any wonder?

The struggling of our society, who were once taxpayers, are left with no or little help and made to feel that they are where they are because they have made bad choices.

Vote for Change, Any Change

elected officials get into office by popular demand, so help change who's popular
elected officials get into office by popular demand, so help change who's popular | Source

The problem, however, is the bar of acceptability is set too high for everyone to achieve the standard of living drilled into us via the television and slick ad campaigns. Only those with the best tools can succeeded under the conditions set up by our governments and corporations and, as a result, they have set up too many people for failure, who they ignore when they do fail.

I believe all too often people are struggling because they cannot meet they expectations of a society that only cares about success and whose value system is based on the almighty dollar; failure is not an option, if you fail you are left to struggle for survival on your own or within a system that doesn't respect the needy.

Governments and corporations have molded a society that measures people by the stuff they have surrounding them and not by who they are as a human with spirit. There seems to be a third world attitude of intolerance for those who don't succeed in our societies today.

This can change though. If all the people who didn't vote could understand the power they possess together, governments' power would shift. it would be a scenario of out with the old and in with the new.

I encourage all those out there who have stopped voting, never voted or coming of age to vote to do it. We can't change the world alone but together we can .

the Top Ten

10) Can you imagine what our lives would be like if we weren't allowed to vote and everything was dictated and regulated?

9) You're a radical and want change.

8) You're not a radical want change.

7) You're dissatisfied with the political decisions being made.

6) You see a need in your community not presently being met.

5) You want to stop the outrageous spending of the current government.

4) In our system it is the only way for your choice to count.

3) You support the current government and want them to remain in control.

2) If everyone who was able to vote did - huge change could actually happen.

1) The present governing party is old and tired and needs to be replaced.

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