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Top Ten Skill For Preppers

Updated on July 21, 2016

Top Ten Skill A Prepper Must Have

what is the differences between a prepper and a survivalist ? A survivalist is more about basic skills to survive in the wilderness scenario, while a practical prepper is highly prepared for alot of different scenarios that may play out. Some examples would be economic collapse, nuclear war, super volcanoe, etc..

General Skills versus Specific Skills

Specific skills are skills required to do specific task. General skill are behind the scenes that help us perform these specific skills. They are both very important.

Top Ten Skills For Practical Preppers Or The Survivalist

1. Organization which is a general skill is the most important in my opinion. Organization is a part of any prepping regime that will either make or break you. In order to be a successful prepper you have to be organized. Planning goes hand in hand with organization and is included in the number one skill for any prepper.

2. Frugality which is general skill is being frugal with your money. Being frugal with your money will allow you to acquire a lot of stuff you will need to live comfortably if something should happen. In order to be a successful prepper you have to be frugal and expand on your preps while prices are low. Because if the s**t hits the fans supplies will be over priced and not easily acquirable.

3. Risk assessment which is a general skill that separates unsuccessful preppers from the successful ones. Risk assessment is the ability to sit down and analyze what risk you have or may encounter and be able to prep accordingly.

4. First aid which is a specific skill is very important to master. Have a top notch first aid kit, with plenty of supplies. Learn cpr and get certified. It is very important if you are a serious prepper to acquire as much knowledge about first aid and treating trauma victims as you can.

5. Cooking which is a specific skill should not be ignored. You can not really depend on someone else to cook for you. Know how to make bread, cook chicken, prepare meals that are healthy and rich in vitamins.

6. Gardening which is a specific skill should be mastered. No matter where you live you need to do some sort of gardening. Growing your own food will be required in a doomsday scenario. Find out what grows well in your area and master how to grow, harvest, and cook it.

7. Food preservation and storage is a specific skill that goes hand in hand with gardening. After you harvest your garden it is important you know how to store it, so it will last for a long time. Learn how to can and dehydrate your crop. Rotation is very important as well.

8. Basic construction techniques is a specific skill. Know how to use hammer and nails and actually be able to construct some sort of shelter. You can get books at libraries and attend work shops. Be able to perform home maintenance because in a doomsday scenario you probably won't be able to call someone to do the job for you. It is important for a serious prepper to be able to perform these task without the help for anyone else.

9. Communications is a specific skill that is very important. It is necessary to have some sort of infostructure in your home. Ham radio is my first choice, but if you cannot acquire that a cb radio will work for now. Information is very important to acquire and transmit

10. Interpersonal skills is a general skill which is the ability to lead, barter,negotiate, and talk to people, and have a lot of collegues you can communicate with. You cannot be a prepper by yourself so persuade your friends and family to join in. It is very important to be part of a community.


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