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If I Was Robert Ford's Strategic Planner

Updated on September 16, 2014

Mission Statement

Make Toronto the greatest city on earth while developing our youth

Toronto is raising up to be one of the best cities of Ontario. Our goal is to not only be the greatest city of Ontario, but the greatest city of Canada. After we become the greatest city of Canada, we would like to be the greatest city of the World.

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For the People

  • The city annual operating budget flatlined after Ford took Office.
  • He started the Running Lunch Program: Saves $391,000
  • Ford merged shops that make road signs with the transportation services Department: Saves $110,000
  • Dropped Land Transfer Tax: Dropped 10% since entering office
  • Eliminated car registration tax
  • Making a push for Toronto Transmit Commision: Prevents strikes from occurring
  • Rob Ford Football Foundation: Raises money so football teams can be created, $100,000 raised.
  • Cut Office Budget: $200,000 cut

Short Term Goals

Our short term goals is to keep lowering the tax prices of the citizens living in Toronto. So far, we have done a very good job making the tax payers save money.

Even though it is cutting the funds of the individuals of Ford’s staff, it is benefiting the citizens of Toronto, which is the reason for sacrificing all of the personal budget cuts in office.


Long Term Goals

Long term, like I stated, is to make Toronto the greatest city on earth while developing our youth. Lowering taxes makes the citizens more comfortable in the city. With citizens being comfortable, more people will want to come and live in Toronto.

Also, the foundations raising money for children around will make a big impact. For example, the Ford’s football foundation makes it possible for High Schools being able to have football programs. This foundation makes it possible for athletes to get out of the lower income cities by showing off their athletic ability to be granted a scholarship to a major University.

If not for the foundation, the students could get into gang activity and never show their potential because they have never had the chance. At the end of Mayor Ford’s second term, every city in the city should have a football program at their high school.

Ford's Image

  • Substance Abuse
    Mayor Ford has a substance abuse problem. He is going to be put into a detox center to help him out. In the short term, it will not be helpful on his image but the long term shows success
  • Weight Problem
    Mayor Ford will be issued a personal trainer where they will train five times a week and have a strict eating regime.


Potential City Crisis


Preplanning Tasks

  • Identify how to respond to the crisis
  • Make a successful plan to help the citizens living in poverty
  • Have foundations that put money into the neighborhoods
  • Offer homeless shelters

Tasks in Managing Crisis

  • Put more money into the neighborhoods
  • Have enough homeless shelters
  • Look for ways to offer jobs to the public

Tax Raise

Pre-planning Task

  • Identify how to respond to crisis
  • Make a successful plan to lower the taxes

Tasks in Managing Crisis

  • Put to work the ways to lower taxes
  • Make the people feel they can trust you

Street Drug Increase

Pre-Planning Task

  • Identify how to respond to the crisis
  • Control the impact areas that are heavy with drugs
  • Set up extra surveillance around the city

Tasks in Managing Crisis

  • Find the source of the drugs
  • Put extra law enforcement officers on the street to show presence
  • Create a zero tolerance system with drugs

Employment Decrease

Pre-Planning Tasks

  • Identify how to respond to the crisis
  • Make a successful plan to help the citizens still make a living
  • Have ways to offer more jobs for the people
  • Have places to stay for the ones that can not afford to keep their houses

Tasks in Managing Crisis

  • Find ways to give people jobs
  • Have places for people to stay
  • Develop a plan on how to increase the employment rate.

City Destruction Crisis

Building Collapse

Pre-planning Tasks

  • Identify on how to response to the crisis
  • Have an up to date evacuation plan
  • Make building owners have an up to date evacuation plan and be posted numerous places through out the building
  • Make plans on how to rescue people if they were in the building collapse

Tasks in Managing Crisis

  • Take immediate action to evacuate the citizens
  • Implement the evacuation plan
  • Notify Law Enforcement/ First responders
  • Make timely updates to the citizens

Terrorism/Bomb Threat

Pre-planning Task

  • Ensure Law Enforcement and First Responders are aware of their procedures
  • Make a successful evacuation plan
  • Have a plan on how to bring the criminal to justice
  • Set numerous surveillance cameras around the city

Managing Crisis

  • Review and update terroristic act plan annually
  • Implement the evacuation plan.
  • Have emergency broadcast on all radios, televisions, and social media
  • Notify Law Enforcement/ First responders
  • Develop statement
  • Provide timely updates

Natural Disaster Crisis

A natural disaster is an event caused by the environment. It causes death and city destruction. Toronto has a chance to suffer from blizzards, floods, hurricanes, ice storms, and tornados.

Pre-Planning Task

  • Identify how to respond to the crisis
  • Make a successful evacuation plan
  • Have an up to date disaster plan covering how to act when a blizzard occurs
  • Inform citizens of evacuation to give them enough time to evacuate before the disaster occurs
  • Select a “safe house” such as Rogers Centre or Air Canada Centre with cots where people can stay

Task in managing crisis

  • Contact outside sources such as other cities and military for help with the disaster
  • Implement the evacuation plan
  • Notify Law Enforcement/ First responders
  • Have emergency broadcast on all radios, televisions, and social media
  • Make a statement how the city will overcome this disaster.
  • Make a statement of the efforts of the removal of the snow.
  • Give the public timely updates


Since being elected Mayor, Ford has one of the worst images that a politicians has ever had. He has been in multiple scandals and has not learned from each one. With this new strategic plan I made for him, he can go back to how he was during his councilman days. During those times, he was the favorite member on the board. Every human makes a mistakes, Ford has made them and things will get turned around.

Ford has saved the citizens of Toronto almost a billion dollars but he is only perceived as a drug using fat guy. With the election coming close, the citizens need to trust that he will be different in this term. Ford knows that whatever he does, it will be on video camera. If Ford is not re elected in 2014, the city will go back down the gutter to how it used to be.


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