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Tory Rebels: Unafraid.

Updated on September 2, 2019

Boris at War with Anti-No Deal Tories.

Boris Johnson.
Boris Johnson. | Source

Tory Rebels Could Cause General Election.

Boris will be facing a storm at PMQs, on Wednesday, the weekly question and answers session, for the Prime Minister, in Parliament. Jeremy Corbyn and other opposition leaders will be hoping, to land hard blows, in their questioning of the Prime Minister. The hard questions of course, from Messers Corbyn (Labour), Blackford (SNP) and others, will mainly be about Boris's closing of parliament and of course, a no-deal Brexit.

Boris, though doesn't seem a worried man at this point, he seems to be the type, who enjoys a knock-about debate. Many viewers find the weekly showdowns between Boris and the opposition leaders, entertainment

Boris has issued a warning to wannabe Tory rebels over a no-deal Brexit. Boris has said "Back me (over a possible no-deal Brexit) or face the sack", from the Conservative party. While many Tory MPs, may heed the Prime Ministers warning, others will not.

Anti-no-deal Tories have said, for the record, they are quite prepared to risk their careers as Tory MPs and vote against a no-deal Brexit. If the rebel Tories gang up against Johnson with Labour, SNP, Lib-Dems and Greens, they could make sure no-deal gets voted down. This then, according to Sky News, would force, Bo-Jo the Clown, back to Brussels, like his predecessor 'Mishap May'.

It could also, again according to Sky News, force a general election on the Prime Minister or he may say to "Hell with this" and call one, anyway.

The Chairman of the Conservative party, has indeed, refused to rule out a general election, causing Boris, to call an emergency cabinet meeting.

The last thing Boris wants, one would imagine, is for him like May, to be traipsing, to Brussels. Boris criticised May's 'Chequers Plan', and indeed, resigned as Foreign Minister, over it. How ironic, it will be, if Boris finds himself, in the same position, like Theresa May. Having to negotiate with the EU, to bring back an amended deal, palatable, to parliament. Theresa May, now an MP on the backbenches, may a have a smirk to herself, if Boris, ends up, in the predicament, she was in, over Brexit.

Rebels, though have little time, to do anything about a possible no-deal Brexit. It's speculative yes, but maybe Boris has planned it that way, in closing parliament. To give no-deal opposition as little time as possible, to do something about a no-deal Brexit.

Boris, like the rebellion he is facing over a no-deal Brexit and the closing of parliament, is prepared like them, to stake his career over this too.

This week in politics, will indeed be momentous for all sides and will be remembered as an important slice of British political history.

Boris Calls A Meeting.

Boris will be chairing, so various Whitehall sources say, a meeting this afternoon, at approximately, 5 pm. As mentioned in the above article, the Chairman of the Conservative party, has refused to rule out a snap (early) general election.

The meeting will presumably be about such a snap election. It is reckoned, an announcement may be made, as early as this Wednesday, if there is to be a general election. The rumour mill has been going into overdrive, over this.

Especially as Boris, seems to have discovered, Theresa May's, much mooted 'Magic Money Tree'. The whereabouts of the said tree have baffled political pundits, metaphorically speaking, of course.

We have been told for so long, we are in austerity and we trim our budget accordingly. Theresa May famously said, there is no magic money tree, to help the 'just about managing', as she called people on benefits and even those in work.

However, suddenly it appears, Boris has found the tree laden with cash, to spend on education, the police, education, etc. Boris has made a series of announcements that cash is suddenly available to spend on the things the British people depend on (like the things mentioned above). So were we in austerity after all? Suddenly the Tories, under Boris, suddenly have cash on the side, to invest in things that concern the public.

Perhaps Boris is thinking after all, "To hell with this, I will call a general election, to put my ideas to the public". Perhaps, he knows something we don't, maybe, he has decided that a general election is the best way out of the current Brexit crisis. Of course, a general election, with the same government or a different one, may solve the Brexit problem, then again, it may complicate it, even more.

If a snap poll is called, it is likely to go ahead, before we officially leave the European Union (or not!), on 31st October.


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