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Tory and Labour MP's Join Forces to Oppose 'No Deal' Brexit.

Updated on January 8, 2019

Troubled May.

Theresa May.
Theresa May. | Source

Whichever way you look at it Theresa May and her government are in trouble. The debate and count down to that vote over May's Brexit deal has begun. The EU remains intransigent saying the deal they struck with Prime Minister May is the only game in town. No amendments can be made to it despite Mrs May's toing and froing to Brussels. May then put off any vote on her deal to this month and she must know her deal whatever she does to buy votes is dead in the water. She can wine and dine, threaten, cajole, plead, beg etc but her deal might as well be scrapped now.

The phantom of a 'no deal' Brexit looms large as Mrs May's deal will almost certainly sink like the 'Titanic' with MP's in opposition parties and her own being the iceberg when it comes to the decisive vote.

The DUP have stated they will still hold to the agreement of the coalition with the Tories known as supply and demand, however, they cannot and will not support Mrs May's 'Chequer' deal as it is known. Labour, SNP, Liberal Democrats, Greens, rebel Tories and others will bury this deal once and for all it seems.

If 'no deal' should happen Tory MP's and Labour have tabled an amendment to limit what the government can spend money on after we have left the EU. Yvette Cooper and Hillary Benn for Labour together with the Conservative's Nicky Morgan has said time is short and you cannot play games with the UK's economy. March 29 is not far away from the date we are supposed to vacate the EU hence these MP's taking action over a 'no deal' Brexit.

If a 'no deal' transpires it could according to Sky News lead to a shut down of government. This would be similar to the government shut down in the US where nothing is getting done and many government employees are working with no pay. This has been caused by the Democrats refusing to give Trump the money he needs to build his wall between the US and Mexico. Supposedly to stop illegal immigrants sneaking into the US from Mexico and other Central/South American countries. Despite meeting to resolve the issue between Trump and the Democrats nothing has been resolved so the country remains in gridlock.

Such a scenario for the UK is indeed troubling but it may not come to that. However, what can be said is the future is unknown both in the run up to Mrs May's Brexit deal and the actual vote to approve it in the commons.

What would a 'No Deal' Brexit Britain look like?

Some who support the idea of the UK leaving the European Union will be happy even with a 'no deal' scenario. They say those pointing to the UK being on the brink of disaster should we leave with 'no deal' are just scaremongering. They say we would leave with WTO rules and be fine able to trade with the rest of the world.

However many respected groups, organisations and individuals have painted a 'nightmare' scenario should we leave with 'no deal' or even just by leaving anyway. Dominic Grieve Conservative MP and ex-Attorney General have warned of dire consequences regarding the UK crashing out of the EU with no deal.

Bookies have shortened the odds according to Sky News about a 'no deal' Brexit by 2/1. It would appear though the government has made plans should a 'no deal' transpire.

Some opposing a 'no deal' Brexit have said riots and discontent could erupt on the streets. Perhaps similar to the 'Yellow Vest' phenomenon in France and other parts of Europe. In that case, it is imagined the armed forces would be deployed to keep order but the police have said they do not have enough personnel to keep order.

Trade would be affected in this scenario as would be the economy. Shortages would transpire hence crime would rise. Leading to a very disturbing picture of the UK in any 'no deal' divorce from the UK.

Going back to the 'yellow vest' movement perhaps this would really catch on in the UK should all of the above happen. However, we are speculating here what really happens remains to be seen.

Riot police and the armed forces could be deployed after a 'no deal' Brexit.

Anti-riot security forces at the ready.
Anti-riot security forces at the ready. | Source

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