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Total Shut down - Bharat Bandh - India Today.

Updated on February 9, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Cooking Gas Cost Increased so a Lady carry's a Cooking Gas Cylinder in the Protest March.

BJP National President Whispers during the Road Show Meeting at Delhi.

Workers engaged to stage Nation wide Strike.

Not a Motor Cycle on this road where they come like attacking Bees on other days.

No Guests at Wedding.

The Bride Waiting for the groom.
The Bride Waiting for the groom.

All Opposition Party's Unite in Stoping the Activities in all over INDIA.

Activists from INDIA'S main opposition Bharatiya Janatha Party(BJP) shout slogans and call for a Complete Stop of all activities in all aspects in all capitols of INDIA and strike against the hike in fuel prices July 5, 2010. Many flights were canceled and trucks stayed off the roads 70 Buses were burnt in Mumbai,Police Lathi Charged BJP workers in Lucknow in India on Monday in response to the day-long strike called by opposition parties to protest fuel price hikes they say will add to double-digit inflation. The banner in the picture above reads: "Roll back the prices of petrol, diesel, LPG and CNG. BJP calls a strike against rising inflation".

Kolkata ruled by the Communits was complete mess,Karnataka ruled by Bharatiya Janatha Party,Chinnai a Congress party allience were reported as normal but people took it as a extended holiday as the date was set earlier.Kerala again a Communist ruled state was less in mess than Kolkata.Delhi was a total mess and other states were of no cause for any worry.The normal was perhaps Gujarat.

Bharatiya Janatha Party leaders had JAIL darshan up to 5 PM and were let out to go home as the high drama had ended by that time all over the country.These leaders of the day's spot light had made lot of trouble in the Nation's Capitol and were arrested which means they were asked to board a Bus and taken to JAIL to see their friends if any were there.This is the normal protocol followed in the country ever since we had our Independence.

One TV channel reported it was a Wake Up Call to the Govt.

Another TV channel reported it was bad management by Food Minister who was in in world CRICKET management instead of feeding the country's poor.

Yet an other reported it was with a view to create trouble in next session of parliment.

Our congress president told Prime Minister to change the minister of telecommunication.

Prime Minister informed some body that he would reshuffel the entire 2 ministers.

Experts reported it was due to poor infrastructure and high inflation.

A Swamiji said everything was going on because of Rich getting Richer.

Many house wife's said it was all due to inflation and corruption in Govt.

Bride of the unfortunate day was cursing that these politicians are stupid.

Bride's Mother said all food will go waste and what the hell is happeing in Country.

Bride's father was shouting that all food be sent to cold storage and used next day.

All software Engineers reported that Apartment builders had increased prices by 15%.

Taxi drivers said that India paid highest price for petrol in the world.

Auto Ricksha drivers said if they increased their prices people would go by busses.

Students said this must be due to some important reason but they missed their classes.

Workers said they lost a day's wages and their children would strave.

Govt Controlled TV Doordarshan said AM ADMI / Janatha / People had suffered.

Industry experts put it as a loss of Rs.1300 Crore for the day.

Congress leaders said if they are united on roads why are they not united in Parliment.

Communists said they have drawn up a programme to start Jatra,Pada Yatra and Processions in states followed by conventions.Other petty party's leaders said all people were with them on the day and showed their support by burning busses and taking the lathi beatings from police.

TV reporters said many were at home due to fear of Stones being thrown on their cars or in line of stones that would fly from any direction to any place any time or busses would be targeted and set on fire and they would be unable to reach home.

This protest indeed was after Heavy Breakfast which ended in reports that things were normal and peace remained all over the country before DINNER.


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