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Towards a Stable Society

Updated on April 9, 2017
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Great men of the past and present who found interest in the esoteric questions the day were off the mark. He is trying to fill that gap

How to make human society stable

Why is human society unstable? The destructive effects of our unstable society could be visible in almost all elements of our society and in any corner of the world, and has been subjected to many a study. I myself, have tried to examine the causes of turbulence, which is described in my ‘hub’, However, the reasons for this lack of stability have not been given the attention it deserves.

What is stability? It is nothing but the ability to remain balanced, even when there are forces trying to disrupt the equilibrium. Along with the absence of disturbing forces, what is of importance here is the presence of a correcting force, should any deviation occur to whatever is ideal.


In that case, why should turbulence cause a society to lose its stability? And, what is happening to the correcting force? I think it is clear now. Turbulence in human society is pointing to the inadequacy of such a correcting force. A further proof is that all human societies have been showing frequent disorder in spite of the actions taken to correct the reasons for such a disturbance. If the action taken was appropriate, why should the commotion reappear in some other form? Though we then search for a new cause, and administer a new remedy, every time, a new instance of instability appears.

How to Correct?

I think rather than the causes of instability, we need to go behind the correcting force. For we humans, isn’t language the correcting force, which has the power to unite us, or to keep us divided?

When examining this area, I observe a peculiarity, a regular inconvenience we all face in our life. That is, I find it difficult to take a position, which is neither in full agreement nor in total disagreement with an entity. I am forced to agree with the idea completely, or oppose it, for maintaining my ease of position. In fact, it is the absence of a unique word or a special expression for such an attitude is the one that compels the mankind to a position of conflict, even in cases where there is no natural cause for a divide. A word that is capable of putting one neither in full agreement nor in absolute disagreement with a given idea.

(It is strange that, all through our history, rather than correcting this by coining, perhaps, a new word or expression, we humans have been forcibly choosing an extreme position, either of dislike, or of like. We are further cementing this approach by celebrating it as the uniqueness of human species, discounting any chance of a change, as years go by. And we are perpetuating it by instituting honors, awards, or public adulation, to all those who manage to reach the pinnacle, wherever they are)

How can Language Help

I think languages reflect ones idea of self and all that encompass it. And our idea of the world around us taught us to think in terms of up or down, left or right, dark or light, and many other combinations of entities that are easily discernible, regular in occurrence, and clearly definable. Now that our foray into the micro world is yielding new concepts almost every day, with most of which bordering on our ideas of the imaginary, shouldn't our language be enriched appropriately to reflect this? What can be called a softened outlook giving rise to streams of mellowed vocabulary?

The new terminology, in that case will be having the capability to specify unambiguously of a median path. As a result, something that is not bad need not be mentioned as good. Same way, something not good need not be sentenced as bad either. As a result, humans can be expected to choose a median path in all ones endeavors, leading to less divisions, and fewer disagreements.

How do You Feel

Language has a Correcting Force

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(We could have done this long back. But extreme positions were so attractive to us that we overlooked the easy possibilities as well as the looming dangers)

As we continue in this manner our life and living, certain fundamental changes can be expected in our philosophy of life. That will change dramatically, the way we confront, all that we confront. Our reactions are going to be appropriate for those mellowed words, and that shall bring in many fundamental changes with far reaching effects.

Easy Answer

And the cascading effect, of this rather simple job of making a few changes to our language shall be enough, to bring lasting peace to our society.

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