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Tricky politics to destroy healthy economics

Updated on March 4, 2011

Sarcastic Deals

Pseudo Democracy and Induced Economic Disparity have crippled the Third World as gravely evil designed as possible by the international power gamblers , the real demons of destruction and disorder over planet earth.

Incidentally, 2011 March stands chance for the dubious distinction; during which the super powers race to get their daggers into the crude oil rich gut of Libya , the civil warring hot spot on the face of earth.

Generally, politicians are always handy with tools and means to strain the industrial relations , aiming to stir out economic unrest , to attain their goals .

Under the disguise of fraternity and labor unity , trade union leaders in the public and organized establishments are engaged in the demolition of not only the basic economic potential of the industry but the professional competence of the tradesmen also by deepening the divide they manage to cut out of the difference between the workers and the managers in the industrial world.

Opportunistic multi national corporations are brutally keen in taking advantage out of any troubled lot of employables from any corner of the world , posing themselves to be ambassadors of out sourcing!

Human right violating special economic zones boom all over the under developed nations , thanks to the misdemeanor manipulators of labor justice.


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