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Traffic & Crime Auto Detection.

Updated on February 22, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

The Policeman is Wearing a Helmet but not the Belt Holding the Helmet which is as good as not wearing a Helmet.[ This happens only in India.]

Police - Can you ask him to show his Badge.?

Police how do you know he is Police.?

Try asking a Police Officer to show his Badge like they do in US when ever they say Police,they flash a Badge.The Badge may be fake but a Badge is shown.Not in Karnataka.They do not even wear their Cap as it disturbs their Hair Style.They even ride their Mo Bikes with out Helmet.Some are seen as if they have never Ironed their uniform.Their shoes so dirty.25 mobile phones were recovered from a bogus police inspector here in Bangalore yesterday.The Bogus Police officer was a post graduate student but did not want to go by the book.He chose a short cut.He stole a Mo Bike marked 'POLICE' stitched a Inspectors Uniform with 'IPS' logo on his shoulders,pick up victims ask for their phone as hs was out of battery power and escape,he was caught.Can we or would you or can you ask a Police Officer to show his Badge if he asks you your cell phone,that too a Blue Berry.

A Traffic Police will not look at a crime.

A Law & Order Police will not look at Traffic Violations.

The Offices are separate.

The Uniforms are separate.

Their Motor Bikes are separate.

There Law Books are separate.

They are separate.

CRIME is not traffic violation perhaps to these people.

What has that got to do with us we are the sufferers anyway,a mo bike rider can come the wrong side knock you down and go away in front of a police man who doesn't wear a traffic policeman's uniform.Is he not police.You want some action,give any policeman present at the spot a Rs.500 note and see,he will stop all traffic,get the first car that comes shouts at the driver to take him to Manipal Hospital even if the best hospital is close by as he knows that all police cases go there.Take another car and he will ask the driver to follow that car and will get down at the nearest bus stop and will head to his favorite bar near his home.

For whose benefit these divisions are made.Can we not combine their duties.

To add fuel to fire 2000 police around a Cricket Stadium and several Bombs find the way here and there,police allow Cricket Match to go on only to find out that all the Cricket Lovers were just sitting on a Bomb some where.



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