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Traffic at Quezon Avenue

Updated on October 15, 2010

Pnoy stuck in Q.ave traffic

My daily struggle with Quezon Avenue

I've been searching for historical and trivial information about quezon avenue in the web. Apparently there was none available.

Hopefully this would bring some information about this ill-fated avenue.

My life has been engraved in this avenue, from way back in college and now that I'm a full-pledge doctor.

Alot has been changed.

The EDSA-Quezon Avenue Underpass and Flyover cut travel time from 3-4 hours to the current 1-2 hours.

Lane expansion has its fare share from EDSA to Pantranco.

Pedestrian overpasses that done the color pink/blue to green and then whatever.

Misguided, unsupervised and improper U-turn slots.

But still doting some greenery.


I have to commend the QC government for the renovations done on Q.Ave.

However with the increasing number of cars, buses, and trucks plying this route; they haven't done enough justice to ease traffic.

The Bottlenecks:

1. West avenue corner Quezon avenue - this portion has seen lots of revisions, from the dismantling of the traffic light, yes it was once an intersection. To repositioning of the U-turn slots and managing pedestrian flow (Overpass).

But what makes it a bottleneck area?

- the U-turn slot to west avenue narrows the three to four (3-4) lanes to two (2).

- the increasing traffic to the area especially those going to SM North and Trinoma

- and just the increasing number of Filipinos living at Commonwealth and Fairview plying this route from work or school.

My suggestion:

Please give us a "FLYOVER or Underpass" which will allow free-flowing traffic!

2. Araneta Avenue corner Quezon avenue and thereafter - one of the functioning intersections left. Lots of heavy trucks and delivery vans use Araneta avenue and they are the major cause of traffic in this area especially when they get stuck in the middle.

Another one is the U-turn slot right before Sto. Domingo Church again narrowing the 3-4 lanes to 2.

The worst of them all are the jeepneys, buses and fx that literally use the lanes to stop for minutes to unload and load passengers.

My suggestion:

More diligent and honest traffic enforcers and policemens over the area please.

And please people use the PEDESTRIAN OVERPASS!

3. The approach to the Quezon avenue tunnel/underpass - this I don't really understand the cause of traffic.

There's a U-turn slot infront of Tongyang, which again narrows the 3-4 lanes to 2.

The large number of vehicles to and from Scout Albano.

And I don't really know what else adds to this???

My suggestion:

Ah...... This one I am really puzzled.

Si mamang pulis at MMDA parin siguro.

With the increasing number of Filipinos and the increasing quality of life, our roads should cope up with these changes.

If we want business and money to flow freely, we should concentrate on ways to lessen the obstacles that would hamper fast delivery of services and manpower.

With plans of constructing an MRT line pying Quezon Avenue, isn't it proper that we decongest traffic first before we add up more when construction starts?


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    • profile image

      Jacinta 7 years ago

      Nice info!


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