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Trains, Planes, And Automobiles

Updated on March 30, 2015

Transportation Has Evolved

Centuries ago their was only a couple of methods of travel. You could walk or you could ride on a camel or horse depending on where you lived. However, the fact of the matter is their was only a couple of methods that were available to people and this made travel easy to do. Now, though, these two methods, while they still exist are considered to be old fashioned and not really the way that anyone travels anymore. However, the evolution of travel is still happening and each day that goes along, the engineers are working hard on developing new ways of travel. Here is my thoughts on travel and how it has started to evolve into the way that we know it now. I also plan on looking forward to what I believe the future will hold in the world of travel.

Walking The Traditional Way Of Transportation

Cavemen and people in the Biblical times all seemed to walk. If you ask me that is a lot of miles to be putting on your feet. However, this is a huge difference between walking back in those times and the walking that we do now. Yes, some people still rely for walking for transportation which is a good thing, but the way they are walking now is quite a bit different than what you would find in the past.

In the past, in the time of the caveman, the walking was done in the rough and wild lands. However, unlike the time when Jesus was walking the land, they did not have any type of shoes or protection for their feet. So you can only imagine the difficulty that they would have in walking for any long distance, but can you imagine the callous they would have on their feet? Holy cow and I thought just getting them on occasion was a horrible thought, but these would be every day. Thankfully, we do not have to walk multiple miles like that anymore which is a good thing. My kids on the other hand do enjoy walking without shoes on, but only in the yard for some reason, which is a good thing and it helps to keep their feet smooth as the dirt removes the dry and dead skin.

Shoes and sandals were the next big encouragement that came with walking. Okay, well this is not really a big improvement, but it definitely would provide protection to the feed. I mean the sandals came along first, which was a good improvement and really helped people out because a lot of the regions they lived in are constantly warm and this meant they wanted to have some protection from the heated ground for their feet, but at the same time keep their feet cool. So sandals is a great option and worked out really well.

Shoes and boots are something that we are now very familiar with. From the Dutch wooden shoes, to the shoes that Nike makes. This is the latest upgrade on the footwear and a lot of the times people are looking at the comfort of the shoes for their wearing. We now have foot inserts from various companies and different types of padding for the shoes. All of these advances have made it easier for you to wear your shoes and walk in, but still we have evolved past the walking to everywhere.

Horse Riding Video

Horse Riding The Next Option

After walking, the humans decided they were going to do something novel and that was to tame some of the wild horses that were running around. Now this was no small feat and actually required quite a bit of work and effort on the part of the humans. However, by taming the horses down some, it made it a lot easier for people to move around. The tamed horses, which started off early in time helped us move up to the next step in the transportation that we wanted to have.

This is when the humans decided to take the horses and train them to the new standard of being used like the video is showing above. This video is showing the person starting off early in the day and starting to ride the horse around. We have taken the horse and turned it into an animal that we not only domesticated, but started to give a job to. The job that we turned the horses to was working for us and providing us with transportation.

First it started off with just riding the back of the horses and using the individual horse to move to the different areas. However, this would quickly evolve into the pulling of wagons and other items that people were wanting to have moved around. This is normally not that big of a problem, but could you imagine being part of the first riders with the trailers? I am sure that was a little bit on the rocky side, but the horses did manage to get the trailers moved around and this lasted for several centuries before the next improvement came along in the transportation industry that we are now familiar with.

Steam Trains

Trains The Next Invention

Over time, it was easy for you to see the next invention in transportation for land. That invention was going to be the trains. While the trains of the old time was completely different than what we have seen now, by having steam engines, it was easier for people to get around the countryside and reach their destination in a timely manner. Now this is not saying the first engines were faster than horses, because most of them were not, it was a step in the right direction because the trains could haul more people at a single time and this was going to help people in getting from place to place without having to own their own horse or get a ride into town with friends.

Over time the trains would advance to the point they would end up being quite a bit faster than the horses and haul even more people. So this was going to be something which people would really love to have. I know that this is a step towards modern transportation and it was going to really help people in getting from point A to point B. Over time, the trains would advance, just like automobiles to the point of using gasoline and eventually diesel as their power source.

The newer power sources that were available, meant the trains were going to get larger and faster. This finally meant people were able to get around and eventually would be going from coast to coast in a matter of days, instead of months. A good point with this is the transportation is going to allow for the more transport of the goods from all over the country. A bragging point about this is the fact that the diesel engines are able to transport hundreds of tons of goods per mile compared to the same amount of semi trucks that they would need to have.


The car is something which has become commonplace in the driveways of everyone in America. However, it was just a little bit over 100 years ago that everyone relied on horses or trains. With the cars, they first started out with a small motor that would transport people, but the cars were small. This is when you should realize the cars have grown in size and the motors that are available.

Cars are a great option, but people need to realize the cars are a major contributor of the pollution that is affecting the world. Since this is the case, people need to realize the cars technology has started to advance as well and this has meant that people are getting the cars that are starting to drive around town are technology advanced. So you will really want to consider this and make sure that you select the car that is going to work right for your needs and remember size is not everything when looking at the cars.

Future Of Transportation?

I know planes was in the title as well, but halfway through the article I decided to exclude planes because I wanted to cover only land transportation. If I did not do anything else, I would have had to include the planes and boats. This meant that I was going to have to almost double the length of this article and frankly, I think it is quite long as it is. So I have to conclude here that transportation has evolved all over the place and it is going to continue to evolve. The fun thing I am waiting on is the Jetson's car. Then I do not have to worry about traffic anymore and can finally take about five minutes to get to work instead of all day long.


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