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Donald Trump: Trials and Tribulations

Updated on June 16, 2016
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I’m Gracie, a Freelance writer from Ajax, Ontario in Canada, I write on politics, health, sports, animals, social issues and spirituality.


On being famous

Its nice to be Donald Trump, isn't it...he is rich, famous and commands attention ...I mean he has everything going for him; or does he...?? Well...I'm not so sure....These days its "cool" to be a "Trump basher", with every living, breathing human eagerly lining up to offer their"enlightened' views about everything he does or speaks! Never mind the fact that many of these "righteous" people are not really qualified to offer their priceless opinion, and frankly would anyone even bother listening to their views under ordinary circumstances?

On being Judged

Well - there you have it! These are no ordinary circumstances; the media waves have been taken over by Donald Trump - a being with this strange charm, who attracts millions of people - so much so that people pause and stay glued to their TV sets when he fills the screens - and those "ordinary" people who eye him askance - well, they can't even attract a fly to themselves - so pathetic! So, I've come to the conclusion that all these folks who stand pointing fingers at the Trump are really out for their two minutes of fame – I mean literally two minutes. Because when he moves on to something else, they ... sort of get trampled underfoot and people move on looking for juicier tidbits and meaner comments. I guess what I'm implying is that they are piggy-backing on the Trump for notoriety and recognition - oh dear!

Trump makes his case


Forcing people to react to him

The fact that he is winning many states only seems to enrage these folks more; despite his blunt manner - he still gets the votes! (I guess the voter knows best); he is the only guy I know who's own party is blasting him and conniving to deny him what will be rightfully his at the end of this ...very dramatic ride to the nomination. Isn't it a shame - that the party (by the way - people are heartily sick of the GOP already) can easily swallow their "outrage" and rally behind the man who can realistically bring about a Change - I mean "shake things up"! But no; these spoil sports are making themselves look sillier by choosing to lash out at him. Enough already. Mr. Mitt Romney - no one asked for your opinion; you flopped back then and no one wants to listen to you now, Megan Kelly and Fox - stop your "obsessing" with the Trump and perhaps go back to some serious news reporting; Rubio, Bush and others - you fell by the wayside - back off gracefully or follow in Chris Christie's and Ben Carson's footsteps. And Mr. President - may I respectfully suggest - you turn your attention to the rest of the world and the events transpiring and focus on being the President of the United States (a very important position indeed!) for the remaining year - I mean, do you really have the time to begin campaigning for Mrs. Clinton? Don't you have other responsibilities?

As for foreign policy and social issues – please Mr. Trump – hire learned advisors and study policies in place; propose changes - carefully.

© 2016 Gracie


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    • jonnycomelately profile image

      Alan 20 months ago from Tasmania

      Some very logical and refreshing views here. Thank you.