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Transgender: Is it a choice or a part of who you are?

Updated on July 26, 2016

Misconceptions In The Transgender Community

  • You can't judge someone if they are transgender or not. Do not make your own conclusions and make an assumption by just how they appear.
  • Do not jump to a conclusion about someone's sexual orientation. Sexual orientation and Gender identity are two different things. Sexual orientation is who you are attracted to and Gender identity is the gender that identify with.
  • Never call someone a he or a she because they look feminine or masculine. If you are not sure about it then ask them politely.
  • They are not confuse about who they are but because of the pressure from the society ,it's harder for them to come out.
  • Transgender people are not different from us, Just like us they experience the struggles in the society, the pressure from our peers and the joy of having someone in our lives.
  • Not all transgender individuals are DRAG QUEENS/KINGS. Even some straight people are cross dressers, it is not necessary to be gay or trans to perform this type of art.

The Unity Of Colors

Everyone deserves to be happy and we should not barricade someone's freedom. Never look down upon them or anyone because you are not greater than them.We are all humans and we are not different from one another so why do we discriminate.Instead of bringing each other down, we should help each one another. For a brighter future, let's raise our hands together for the unity of race,color and gender.

Inspirational Quotes To Make You More Stronger

  • "My body does not define who I am. I am a boy , but my body show different. I know who I am , and I don't need anyone to tell me and call me what not."-Anon
  • "Closets kill. They suffocate us. We drown in the refuse of our own lies, lies that say we're alright. We're only alright when we can be seen for who we really are." -David Husted
  • "It is revolutionary for any trans person to choose to be seen and visible in a world that tell us we should not exist." -Laverne Cox

How Can You Help The LGBT Community?

  • You can contribute to the community by donating to the local LGBT groups.
  • Listen to their opinions and empathize with them.
  • Help protest the rights of transgenders to have access to public restrooms.
  • Stop the bullying and the hate by standing up to what is right.
  • Respect their rights and freedom as an individual.
  • Spread the love and message about the community.

Percentage of Anti-transgender murders

Give equality, peace and respect to all. Don't just read this but contribute something important to the world.


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    • Sander Anderson profile image

      Sander Anderson 18 months ago

      Hello everyone! I hope you can use the comments as a source of discussion on what's your stand on the topic . :)