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Transition to Oligarchy

Updated on December 25, 2014

There's Going To Be Some Changes Around Here

According to Princeton and Northwestern Universities the U.S is already an oligarchy i.e. if anybody values their opinion or has time to care. In my opinion, we are still in the transitional phase and are just now starting to see some of the urban violence that will become more frequent as we progress. It’s going to be rough. The oligarchic mission is at full bore and destined to succeed. The Republican party is the vehicle of the transition while corporations and plutocrats are the engines driving it home. The entire country has been duped into believing that American political ideologies represent real time political agendas. This belief is false and that realization comes way too late. The “Our way or the highway” attitude cannot be stopped with both houses of Congress in collusion with the Supreme Court. It effectively nullifies the president, the Democratic party and for all intents and purposes our entire system of government. Ours is now a plutocratic system not a democracy.

Does the United States, as most understand it, still exist? The answer is, NO! We as a voice in this country have been silenced and invalidated in a concerted campaign of attrition. We have been distracted and manipulated into believing that our Democracy was intact as it was being systematically deconstructed right before our eyes. We the people and the government had trust issues whereby we trusted you and you screwed us. How many times a day do you think that scenario plays out. This isn’t a government of the people. It’s a government of the elite; a corporatocracy, an oligarchy; a plutocracy. It’s a game on a global board where the 1% are the only players because they are the only ones who can afford the ante. Are the Koch brothers flexing their muscles? You bet they are. How much money, time & effort do you think went into the downgrading of the Obama administration? It continues to be a determined rigorous campaign. Jackie Robinson thought he had it bad. At least he got to play. With the deadlocked Congress and their threats of shutting down the government, tax breaks for the rich, gridlock, suing the president and trying to cut every social service why weren’t people more outraged? What could they even do? Riot? Start a quasi-race war? Did pent up societal angst and social frustration result in urban violence during the past year? Ever heard of memetic engineering? No? Look it up you lazy bastards! On a sociological footnote this is the first time we’ve seen memetic engineering used. Hey, maybe they’ve got something here. The downgrading of the Obama administration using memetic engineering is a benchmark for it’s validation as an effective societal control tactic. It’s groundbreaking! Dawkins? No? The keyword in all this is racial prejudice, a societal lesion scabbed over in the 1960’s that will take generations to heal and can be opened whenever necessary.

Do you want to see more pharmaceutical ads on TV? Well my friends with both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court in cahoots, I think we’re going to see whatever the new monarchy wants us to see. We’re going to see societal manipulation of the Art Nouveau variety. We’re going to see more ads and we’re going to like them, maybe even love them. You want to see pipelines and ecological disasters? Well, hold on boys we’re in for a rough ride. I hope the world survives it. Money is the new god and all are it’s servants. We will obey and/or live in abject poverty. We have not evolved as a species since ancient Rome. Chivas Americanus Sum! Yeah right. On Dec. 27 there is a Tent City Christmas at an Ohio site where lives a contingent of people that are homeless and living in tents. Theirs is a subculture that is growing at an exponential rate. Thank God it’s been a mild winter. The human mind, especially during this time of year, tries to block out what it considers unappealing such as the tent city people. They are referred to as, “Those people”. Some say, “Yeah I feel sorry for ‘those people’ but you know, God bless them.” What the populace fails to realize is that WE are “those people” in the eyes of the Plutocrats. Mitt Romney might claim that “Corporations are people” but none can dispute the fact that corporations have no emotions. Where da love? Ain’t no love in a boardroom dog. We talk about the 1% but how about the 10% or the 20%? That makes 80% of us, “those people”. Is this acceptable? It’s going to have to be. We are now under a new rule. What can we do? We can act up. We can turn on each other and we’ve already started that. Here’s an original concept, we could unite under a common banner/union/movement. Either way there will be mass casualties.

Here’s another transitional back ache; Doing more with less and seeing how far we can go until we reach an acceptable level of collateral damage. It’s what I call the Big Squeeze. Squeezing the last ounces work out of an already exhausted population. We don’t have time for politics or contemplation. We don’t have time to go to the bathroom! It’s survival of the fittest. Are you fit for duty? You better be. Do you ever find yourself doing the work of 3-people that have retired? Ever wonder what happened to the 40-hour work week? Has a lack of common decency in the work place hit epidemic proportions? See an influx of contracted temps? Wonder what all that union stuff was all about? Remember Lech Walesa? Solidarnosc? No? The transition to oligarchy is a bitter pill to swallow. Perhaps we should celebrate by throwing Medieval parties with wine and debauchery to mock the rich because now, we finally accept the fact that we are serfs. I’ll bet Hallmark could come up with something catchy, maybe another pseudo-holiday. Let’s call our new holiday Crucible Day. Hey, it’s as good as any. We get world updates from a highly paid improv company masquerading yet validated as a news channel. WTF! It’s part of the new art form. I do recognize the art in the creation of the steps that were necessary to implement this type of oligarchic takeover. Memetic engineering validated! Bravo! Author! Author!

I wonder how long it will take America to accept it’s lot. We’ve got guys like Robert Reich leading the resistance. I’m with you Robert! Elizabeth Warren is a voice of reason along with Bernie Sanders. I worry about their safety. It’s nice to see Chomsky’s still kicking. It would be helpful if he could convince the Industrial Workers of the World/IWW(One Big Union) union to lower it’s dues. Hey, some people don’t have $9 a month man come on! How about a dollar?! Let’s bare bones it and maybe we can get the BRICs involved. It’s hard for me to concentrate sometimes because of my concerns about the status of the Kardashian family and my Minecraft experience level. I can’t even mention Kanye & Kim because it’s much too emotional for me. You see where I’m at here! My cell phone keeps buzzing when I get texts and it’s very distracting! From the perspective of a lowly proletarian, you know, one of "Those People" here’s how I see it:

The Supreme Court Rules: 5-R to 4-D-Whaaat!
1. Supports gerrymandering
2. Supports voter suppression
3. Supports unlimited campaign spending

The Republican Party-Vehicle of Oligarchic Transition
1. Corporate Control- Pharmaceutical companies (Tied to the Healthcare industry), OIL COMPANIES & Insurance companies.
2. Ecological Ignorance & Apathy
3. Oppressing minorities
4. Adversity toward the poor
5. Dissolving unions
6. Reinstating cronyism/Insider trading
7. Misogynistic agenda
8. Tax breaks for the rich
9. Campaign to STOP social progress at all cost.
10. Disregard for the democratic process.

The Democratic Party-Not Loud Enough For The Voice of a Nation
1. Failure of Obama to show outrage and emotion
2. Failure to develop new tactics in a brave new world
3. Failure to accuse Bush, Cheney, Boehner, Cantor, Ryan,
Cruz and McConnell of treason.
4. Lack of cohesion


Can I get an Amen?

Does America display the traits of a Democracy or an Oligarchy?

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Congressional Report Card

Are your representatives meeting your needs?

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    • GuitarGear profile imageAUTHOR

      Walter Holokai 

      5 years ago from Youngstown, Ohio

      Me too vkwok. Thanks for the comment!

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      5 years ago from Hawaii

      One can only hope that the future brightens at this point.


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