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Treason by Treaty

Updated on March 13, 2010


Treason by Treaty

Charles J. Hunsinger


“To achieve One World Government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, their loyalty to family traditions and national identification.”


Brock Chisholm, former Director United Nations World Health Organization


            What if the Bill of Rights had an a new 11th   Amendment, and it stated that; These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United States? What would be the value of the first ten Amendments? They, of course, would have no value. You could not, in any manner, to any degree, disagree, nor criticize any action, any law, any omission, any incompetence, any corruption committed by government. You could not lament, nor complain, nor oppose any taking away or lessening of the Rights of the first ten Amendments. In essence, you have no freedoms, and you have absolutely no voice to disagree. If you do disagree, you could find yourself in a federal prison for violating the Constitution of the United States.

            Such an Amendment does not exist in our Constitution, but what if the Congress and President of the United States attempted to amend the Constitution with a Constitutional Amendment that read as the above-italicized sentence. What do you think the people of this nation would do? What if we disguise such an amendment as an international treaty, and resign the sovereignty of this nation, by virtue of that treaty, and its people to another power? And slowly, ever so slowly, over a period of decades, and seductively, ever so seductively, over a period of decades prepare the people, deceive the people, herd the people, engineer the people, educate the people into accepting the practice of socialism, and the totalitarianism that such an economic philosophy demands.   

            The italicized sentence above does, in fact, exist not in the Constitution however, but rather in the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights, Article #29 (3), “ These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.” The Declaration on Human Rights is a treaty. It is a United Nations treaty. The United Nations possesses all the standings of a sovereign state. We are a signatory on that Treaty, and a treaty is a binding contract under international law. A treaty, once ratified and signed, supersedes the Constitution of the United States. The United Nations Declaration on Human Rights is an international document (treat) that rewrites your Rights under the United States Constitution and our government has ratified and signed that treaty.



The agenda of the UN is socialist

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    • cjhunsinger profile image

      cjhunsinger 6 years ago


      Many years ago I was in business with a German Jew who related this story, as he saw it, as a young boy in Nazi Germany. Hitler had just given a speech at one of his rallies when an older man called out to him, 'you will never take us: Hitler replied, 'it does not matter we have your children.

      Your anger, although justified, is ill spent on me. Focus on the source. Take the time to read more of my writing.

    • profile image

      Matthew Tucker 6 years ago

      Got news for you everything that is being done is being done behind the backs of the American people filled with Sedition Treason and tons of criminal intent and racketeering. To hell with your treaties. Come try to take us and see what happens. We wiped out Hitlwer and we will wipe you out as well! In other words have fun trying becasue the only thing that will happen is all of you traitoers hanging at the end of a rope up close and personal like!!