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9 Free YouTube Movies Based on True Crimes to Kick Start Your Binge Watching Weekend

Updated on August 19, 2016

1. Lethal Vows (1999)

Lethal Vows is based on the story of Dr. Richard K Overton, who gained attention after his first wife, Dorothy Boyer, who raised four children with him, told authorities that Overton “tried to murder [her] through a process of slow poisoning” after they divorced in 1969. The couple had split after Dorothy learned that while they were married, Overton had secretly married another woman, Caroline Draper, with whom he had a child. Then the doctor married a third time to a woman named Janet. Nineteen years later she would refuse to divorce Dr. Overton and pay for it with her life.

There is an out of print book about this case: Final Affair: The Shocking True Story of Marriage and Murder. I can’t speak for its worthiness as I have not read it to date, however other Amazon reviewers give it an average four star rating.

2. Vows of Deception (1996)

Vows Of Deception is a true-story movie based on James Grund and his wife Susan Grund. Susan was attractive, promiscuous and often-married gold-digger who only wanted her attorney husband’s money. When he initiated divorce proceedings she shot him in the eye to collect life insurance proceeds.

British true crime writer Wensley Clarkson outlined the case in his 1996 book Deadly Seduction.

3. Deadly Relations (1993)

Deadly Relations is based on the true crime book Deadly Relations: A True Story of Murder in a Suburban Family by Carol Donahue and Shirley Hall, sisters and daughters of Leonard Fagot, a New Orleans attorney. Fagot was so obsessed with controlling his daughters, he murdered their husbands for hefty insurance pay outs.

4. Deadly Whispers (1995)

Deadly Whispers is a true-story account of the murder of Kathy Carol Bonney by her father Tom Bonney aka Thomas Lee Boney, an overprotective father who becomes a suspect in the murder of his daughter after she is found shot to death at close range.

5. Love, Lies, and Murder (1991)

Love, Lies, and Murder is based on the 1985 murder of Linda Bailey Brown, wife of David Brown who married her younger sister Patricia just weeks after her death. While initially believing only Patricia and David were behind the young woman's untimely death, they soon learn David's teenage daughter was responsible for her stepmother's murder. Ann Rule dishes out all the details in her 1992 true crime book If You Really Loved Me.

6. A Matter of Justice (1993)

Kathy Charlene 'Dusty' Brown from Ada, Oklahoma was convicted of conspiracy in the death of her Marine husband, Chris Randall Brown. Chris, only 22 years old, was stabbed over 20 times in an apartment located on the Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station while stationed in Hawaiiin 1982. His wife's 19 year old lover would be arrested for his murder.

7. Lies of the Heart (1994)

Laurie Kellogg was 16-years old when she met and fell in love with an older man - 31-year old Bruce Kellogg. She soon moves in with him without knowing her stepfather actually sold her to Bruce for $500. They are happy at first, but it soon becomes clear that he is obsessed with young girls and Bruce grows to become more violent and begins regularly beating her up. Laurie eventually encourages her teenage friends to kill him.

8. Victim of Rage (1994)

Donna Yaklich was married to a Pueblo Colorado narcotics detective Dennis Yaklich, and raising a son and four stepchildren on the family's farm. One December evening in 1985, shots rang out and her her husband lay dead. At first, it seemed obvious the homicide was related to the victim's work in narcotics but then an interesting tip leads them to two teenage gunman and the woman who hired them.

9. Death of a Cheerleader (1994)

In June 1984, Kirsten Costas was murdered by her best friend, Bernadette Protti in a fit of rage. Although there was an eye witness to the murder, it still took police several months to identify Protti as the killer and reveal her as the cold-blooded murderess she was.

© 2016 Kim Bryan


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