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True evil in the world

Updated on December 15, 2012

Differences between mentally ill and evil people

In the last days I have read and heard on really horrendous situation happening across the world, and I have to take the time now to write about how we should differentiate people who are mentally unstable and those who use their skills and knowledge to commit evil acts.

Yesterday, 20 children were killed in a shooting spree in Connecticut, U.S. and 22 children were wounded in China, both events done by two different men in opposite sides of the world. In Puerto Rico, my hometown (where I am from), a 18 year old man planned and horribly killed his adoptive mother by the most dark means- stabbed, slit her throat, tied her to an ironboard and took her to a far area and got a bottle of gasoline and tried to fully burn her. To make things worse, he already tried to kill her twice before, one of them by cutting the brake lines, she had a serous accident, and when arrested, he showed no remorse whatsoever.

The extent of the evil of a human being can be really frightening, and some of us cannot really register, understand, or even analyze why there is such people. How can they plan doing something this nauseating. We generally get pissed at bad actions such as being unfaithful, lying, gossiping, betrayals, arrogance and impudence... but something like what I mentioned before is really beyond our understanding.

Now what worries me is that even at this extent of evil, some people blame this to mental retardation and other biological/chemical problems. After the extreme anger we feel after reading these horrid news goes down, we begin to say "he is sick, he is mentally ill, he must look for psychiatric help, he still can be fixed, etc.". People... evil has nothing to do with mental retardation. It took me years to understand it, but there IS evil people. Make no mistake of thinking that we all are good to an extent but circumstances changes us. Sometimes we face difficult times and we may become bitter, angry, resentful as to why bad things happen to us, especially if it too much. But that does not make us think it is a good idea to kill someone, especially by means of maiming and torture. Why would I want to burn someone? Why the need to witness extreme suffering? That cannot be blamed to "mental illness". Now it would be interesting to investigate what is the source of the evil in that person.

What made Adam Lanza go to a school and kill innocent toddlers? What made Min Yingjun stab 22 children? What made James Holmes enter a movie room and kill 12 people he never knew or saw in his life?

There is no single explanation as to why this happened. Some may blame it to demon possession, some will say they did it because they burst their inner anger towards society, some will say they are unstable. For some people it is hard to believe they did it because they are evil and they find satisfaction and pleasure harming others- because most people never feel pleasure in pain, or at least this level of pain.

Whatever explanations are there for these horrid actions, showing empathy to these people will only boost more of this. These people can never be given any chance because they are not going to change. This is not a simple matter of rebellion or revenge against society, this is about doing something that has no justification in any sense. Even if these people were victims of bullying and abuse they cannot take their hatred against others especially if they had no nothing to do with their situation because we are all different and perhaps all the victims they kill would have shown empathy with them if they told them why they are so angry against society. We are aware we don't live in fair world and that the extent of evil goes well beyond what we can imagine. Unfortunately we cannot change the way the world is working. We live in world where only the stronger and luckier have "relatively" happy lives. We all know hard work does not guarantee a life of satisfaction, and that you can spend years preparing for a career and end up doing something different because that career did not flourish at the end. Those who are rich and financially powerful don't care (generally) about others. We see how most politicians lie and how many people are so selfish and don't care about what is affecting others. But this is no reason to grow an inside anger and let it go by killing others, especially children and innocent people. We certainly can reduce this "evil" by showing more empathy to others and stop being so selfish. A mentally ill person does not have the capacity to do something well planned. These people especially the guy in Puerto Rico do not have signs of being mentally ill- they have signs of being extremely angry with society and taking revenge by means of doing something evil to the core.


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