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Republicans have Disappointed Real Independent Voters

Updated on July 20, 2016

I always remain open to vote for anyone. One of the things I look for is what ideas are uniting people behind the candidate and if I can support any of them. After 2 days of rather disturbing rhetoric and reaction that I won't rehash, all I get is a lot of people saying let's "Make America Great Again."

What exactly has been offered here at this convention to date that will make America 'great again'? I've heard nothing. Imprison Hillary? That's a little terrifying since she's done nothing worthy of imprisonment and that it's coming from a party that literally shrugged off another administration possibly lying us into war for profit. Deal with immigration to 'protect' us? How? Almost to a person comprehensive reform has been smashed under heel in their comments leading up to and during this convention -- so how?

The really big fear generator here (other than Hillary, which is just surreal) is to deal with 'radical Islamic terrorism'! Hillary has helped them! (No.) Obama won't even call them what we demand they call them! (So.) So beyond everyone else who isn't a conservative screwed up, what are you going to do better? Going to congress and declaring war? (Pointless.) Bombing women and children that we believe might be related to a terrorist? I believe we used to call that a war crime in this country when done intentionally. Ironically, the Republicans have also frequently condemned Obama for collateral damage that may have included families.. now it's a strategy? I'm not good with that. Not an idea I can get behind.

The campaigner-for-AG pretending he was literally holding court in the court of public opinion and playing judge jury and executioner for Hillary? Mr. Prosecutor, can I point that that is EXACTLY why we have the court system we do... because people should never be convicted and punished based solely on the court of public opinion. That you built your career in our courthouses and your behavior to be at all appropriate while standing on a national political stage with all eyes watching should send the chilling shadow of brutal dictatorships over us all.

What I have not heard is the hard questions -- the harder answers. How do we start preventing lone wolf terrorism? I don't care if it's a Muslim shooting up a gay nightclub, A Christian who doesn't know what a Muslim is shooting up a Sikh temple, or a Black Lives Matter radical shooting cops in our street. They didn't fix it, we get that. What are you going to do to fix it? Tell us. What will be any different under you? And no, more open and concealed carry doesn't change anything -- if Dallas proved nothing, it proved that. You say you can protect us better. How? You and I both know the answer to that. You really can't, and those things that can be done, you've already committed to not doing. Strengthening our military won't stop it. Calling them radical Islamic terrorists will change nothing. Banning Muslims... I am going to guess that would turn out a lot like it did when Germany banned Jews. Do you really want to consider the US as the player in that role?

How do you intend on overlooking race or other difference as Paul Ryan hinted at? When you choose to not hear a valid message from Black Lives Matter and rather focus on the handful of radicals and reward them rather than those wanting to make America greater? When you pick a white supremacist groups tweet to showcase on your tweet ticker? When you have people like Steve King call minority groups "sub groups"? When you fail to condemn such crass behavior from people in your party who call a female candidate a c*nt. Seriously, I'm supposed to believe you will be better for us when you degrade and minimize based on skin color, birth location, religion, gender, sexuality, and more? Pray the gay away? How many times does that hateful practice have to be disproven and condemned before you realize it doesn't belong in a party platform?

How are you going to bring jobs back? You don't even want to stop rewarding companies with tax breaks for leaving. Trade deficit with China? Well while I'm impressed that the Republicans noticed it, it's not easy for me to forget that in 2000 it was $84B and after 8 years of Republican leadership, in 2008 it was $268B. Why didn't it matter then? Probably for the same reason it won't matter after the election should Trump win. Because it only matters when you're not in charge.

Then we have the Vice President pick. I certainly hope that Hillary's selection isn't as contentious as Trump's. In the phrase "God, country, party" we've seen Pence place himself at the front of that line and move party behind him. He stood in a recently bombed marketplace in Baghdad, a marketplace that had suffered multiple bombings and did a PR piece for the Bush campaign to support the Iraq war. As he stood in shirtsleeves, with fully geared soldiers surrounding him and protective air cover above just out of range, told us how Baghdad was safe, just like a summer time, outdoor market in Indianapolis.

As governor, Pence has divided his state, acted on divisive and unconstitutional legislation and has cost his state millions with his discriminatory beliefs. The Republicans keep telling us they have room in their tent for everyone, but when your platform, your candidate, and his VP selection have all acted out in prejudicial ways against minorities -- those who are most protected by our constitutional processes of checks and balances -- why should we believe you?

I would love, truly, truly love to have a day come where I can ponder the difference between two plans from two candidates who truly do want to make America greater in the context of well thought out ideas, strategies and plans. When two candidates can argue ideas about how we do things better rather than just offer empty claims that they can do them better than the other guy, while trying to criminalize the other guy in a pretend kangaroo court, then America will truly be great again, if we must adhere to that sad, sorry little catch phrase of the Trump campaign.

We haven't seen the Democratic National Convention as of yet, but I certainly hope it is more promising that what I have seen in just two days of the the Republican convention. The Republicans have offered little more than thin air and a more than just uncomfortable feeling to consider in this selection process.


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