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Trump Betrays the Kurds in Syria and Iraq

Updated on October 7, 2019

Allies Can No longer Trust Trump

As if the whole political situation with Trump's impeachment cannot get any worse, Trump continues to prove the American allies and his own party that he is a king and intends to make America insignificant again as a world power.

This time, his unilateral decision to remove 1000 American troops embedded with the Syrian Kurdish Army along the Turkish border at the behest of Turkey. For many, many months, the Turks have been itching to conduct their own offensive (with the approval of Russia and Iran) to eradicate their perceived arch enemy, the Kurds. The hatred between the two is over a century old, but Turkey allowed the US arm and train them to help defeat ISIS . Turkey was never happy with this, but America was their superior within NATO.

The Syrian Kurdish Army has been critical because they have been the ones responsible for the captured ISIS fighters totaling 2500 being held in camps near the Turk border. The Kurdish YPG lost about 11,000 during the fight against ISIS and Turkey may just go beyond the agreed 20 miles from the border to eradicate them. Turkey views the YPG as part of an insurgency group that has wanted the creation of a Kurdish State for the past 40 years. Now, Turkey has vowed to deal them a massive blow. It will be war again, between a NATO member and an ally!

The coming Turkish offensive will extend some 20 miles deep and 300 miles long and includes the Kurdish city of Qamishli of 250,000. Once the Kurds are removed from the border, Turkey plans to repopulate the two million Sunni Arab Syrians to this cleared border area. The UN has said that Trump's betrayal will cause a whole area to once again ignite. The YPG units along the border have vowed to resist the Turk aggression.

Biblical Implications

For those who follow the End Times events via the Book of Revelations can only be confirming what was predicated thousands of years ago. In brief, there will be an alliance of Russia, Turkey, and Iran (among others) that will one day descend upon Israel in a great battle. This is not the Armageddon, but it is just an early sign how close those times are now.

Trump has caused so much damage to the image of the USA in so many ways. But, the sum of it all, including this most recently, cowardly, betrayal of a former ally against ISIS, has not been well received by Republicans or Democrats. Trump is determined to get America out of Syria and he has said this. He has said that America will leave so that Russia and Turkey can deal with it! What a chicken-shit POTUS. Trump's actions in that region make it clear that no leader can trust what Trump states or that America will deter bad actors anymore. His plans to leave Afghanistan simply signal to the Taliban that after 18 years, America will give up.

While many of Trump's fervent believers think that Trump is working for God, they actually may have a point. Trump was elected so that America does become an insignificant force on the world stage and it will not come to defend Israel when the time comes. America is not mentioned in the Revelations because we are divided, weak, traumatized, and unwilling to fight for others. Trump unknowingly is confirming this by withdrawing America from many spots in the world into a weak, fetal-like position. World leaders that are bad actors know he just bluffs with military might, but when it is time to prove it, he backs down. That's the America in the End Times. No country will count on the USA.

The stage is being set


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