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Trump Creates a New Nuclear Arms Race

Updated on February 2, 2019

In another astoundingly stupid Trump decision, America has pulled out of the intermediate nuclear arms agreement with Russia. Back in 1987 or so, the USA and Russia were the only nuclear powers on a big scale and the two countries agreed to halt missiles that have a range of 310-3500 miles. The USA has been abiding by it and Russia was for some time until it was discovered they were not by developing a supersonic Kalibur missile.

Trump's options were:

1. Do nothing or threaten more sanctions

2. Pull out of the agreement in hopes Russia would stop development

Keep in mind of the past oddities that Trump has seemingly done for Putin, like, lift sanctions on key oligarchs indicted in the USA for money laundering in real estate deals, or, pull out of Syria knowing full well that the 2000 US troops based at Al Tanf are critical in keeping those crossroads secure. Let's not forget how chummy he yearns to be with Putin because of the Trump Tower he still wants to build in Moscow. Lastly, how Trump continues to moan about NATO and how America would be better without it.

Back to the treaty. Putin is so happy Trump has done this. As Putin as said, now they can really pursue these types of nuclear missiles without fear because the US has reneged from the 1987 agreement. If the US is officially out, Russia has a free hand to do whatever it wants even more. While the US is playing catch up with these types of missiles, Trump did Putin a favor (hopefully, unintentionally). Putin must think Trump is a naive moron. No need for Russian agents, they have Trump.

Most of the Republicans and Democrats and all treaty experts think the decision is making a new arms race of sorts. Most think the US should have added more sanctions to force Russia to comply (if that is possible).

The treaty was better than no treaty! The treaty was outdated in one aspect: China. It was not a power then, it is now. It has over 3000 various missiles and many are in the intermediate range and can carry nukes. So, the treaty never could apply to them and it shows what does happen with no controls via a treaty. Many of their missiles are from Russian design, oddly enough.

Granted, why have a treaty that is being violated if your not going to enforce it. Trump's view is that its better not to have it (as he pulled out of the Iran nuclear treaty). But, while it make sense in one way, it allows Russia and Iran to accelerate the nuclear arms production because there is no control. In the long run, many years from now, say 2025-30, Trump's decision with Russia and Iran to leave the treaties puts the world in peril.

It won't matter to Trump, as he won't even be around, but millions will be living in something he allowed to happen.


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