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Trump Is A Child Abuser

Updated on March 6, 2017

Trump Abuses Children

The National School Lunch Program provides over 36 million meals to kids across the country every day—for many children the breakfast and lunch they receive at school could be half the food they eat in an entire day. But the Heritage Foundation, which is extremely influential at the Trump White House, is suggesting cuts in this program that could virtually eliminate it. Many GOP House members are suggesting that the school lunch program be “block granted” to the states.

This is a way of having “red states” destroy or substantially cut back on the program for feeding hungry kids. I have to say, what could be more quintessentially Republican than a gang of billionaires and millionaires, surrounding Trump, cutting food programs for poor children?

Perhaps what Trump and the GOP want is that poor kids can clean urinals to earn their lunch.

What is interesting is that a recent Executive Order by Trump, not yet implemented, states that any “aliens,” whether documented or not, may be considered “inadmissible or deportable” if they use any benefit “for which eligibility or amount is determined in any way on the basis of income, resources, or financial need.” Legal immigrants could face deportation if their kids use the National School Lunch program and their sponsors could be forced to repay the cost of the benefits.

Meanwhile the Trump Administration is that it is considering snatching children from their Mother's arms when they cross the border-seeking asylum, often from gangs of murderers. The rationale is that such harsh treatment of families will discourage illegal immigration to the United States.

Of course these cutbacks of food to hungry children and the torment to mothers and children being separated at the border is child abuse as advocated by Donald Trump Kids being torn from their mother's arms are emotionally abused. Emotional abuse means inflicting mental or emotional injury to a child and/or causing or permitting the child to be in a situation in which the child sustains a mental or emotional injury.

48.8 million Americans—including 13 million children— live in households that lack the means to get enough nutritious food on a regular basis. As a result, they struggle with hunger at some time during the year. This means that millions of kids in America go to be hungry at night. Because this is unnecessary if we as a people said that access to food is a human right. But we don’t. We should name ourselves Child Abuse Nation.

But we need to have food cutbacks in school lunch programs: Hungry kids can’t learn, which is a good thing for the GOP because they might grow up to think critically and see though republican bulls*it. And of course these stubborn mothers keep coming across the border and extreme measures are required, like using terror tactics.

If that doesn’t work, then we can find some techniques used at Abu Graib and make children watch their mothers suffer. That should stop mothers and children from trying to get into our country, which is the beacon of freedom and justice and the exceptional nation which is the envy of all mankind


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 11 months ago from Orange County California

      Your headline that Trump is a child abuser is misleading and wrong.

      You say, "48.8 million Americans—including 13 million children— live in households that lack the means to get enough nutritious food on a regular basis."

      That is the real problem and president Trump didn't cause that, that was previous congresses and presidents that only give helping hands, instead of giving people a hand up. It is the difference between feeding them fish, or teaching them to fish and maybe even give them a fishing pole.