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Trump Nation

Updated on January 24, 2017

The Tyrannical Dictator

Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America. How did this happen? Why? We've had corrupt politicians in the past, but this is an all new level of horror. He spewed hatred, he bullied the disabled, he fueled racist actions, and so many devoured the hate he fed them. Why? How did we get here? The truth is, we've always been here, and Trump gave them the power to act in hateful ways.

Now I'm not saying that all Trump supporters are sexist, racists, homophobic, xenophobic, etc.; but we all know at least one. Many Trump supports voted for him because they were fed up with Democrats, Republicans, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton. Or perhaps they didn't realize that we had so many options other than Republican or Democrat. For whatever reason(s), they had their's. We all have our reasons for doing what we do.

Trump, the name makes many of us cringe, feel nauseated, anger, and even hate. He's held office for four days, four days! And he has already pulled healthcare, pushed Big Oil (Keystone and DAPL), taken Native American rights, taken rights away from women, signed multiple executive orders (and you thought Obama was bad). Four days! What else will this tyrannical dictator do?

What Can We Do?

It's clear that millions of us are against Trump, and the majority of us have come together in peaceful marches and protests to make our voices heard. Sadly, it's not enough. We can march, protest, sign petitions, write articles, etc. I just don't know if anything will work.

I started writing this article, blog, whatever you want to call it because I was on Facebook reading about how Trump pushed the Keystone and DAPL, and those at Standing Rock and other places in this country that have fought and given all they have; were basically told that they don't matter. In Trump's America all that matters is Trump, money, Trump, money, and Russia. None of us matter, if you voted for him you don't matter! He doesn't care about us, this country, peace, love, anything!

All of these feelings hit me all at once, and I broke. I felt defeated, I felt like I didn't have a voice, and if I did it just didn't matter. I'm one of the millions losing health insurance and I have three auto-immune disorders, my adrenals will shut down without one of my medications and that's it. Does Trump care? Does he care about children and adults with disabilities? Does he care about the poor, the sick, the broken, the vets, the elderly? The answer is simple, no. Trump does not care, he never did. People were "tooting his horn" because he rejected presidential pay, he doesn't need it. Not only is a uber-wealthy, he filled "the swamp" with the richest, most twisted gators he could find!

With frustration mounting, I wonder what can be done. When we try, he beats us down. If you are a shade of brown (which we all are), you are automatically hated. If you are poor, you are automatically lazy. If you are sick, it is your fault. This is the mentality that we are facing. We are "ruled" by a man-child that pitches a fit on Twitter every single time he doesn't get his way. Then he lies until he gets his way! It's infuriating and I just don't have anymore ideas. Do you? What can be done?

Peace, Love, Togetherness

What we need now is love, peace, unity. We need to come together and fight for those that cannot defend themselves. Wearing a safety pin in support is wonderful, but actions are better. If you see someone being belittled, bullied, or harmed in anyway; stand up for that person. Let people of other nationalities, sexes, religions, sexual orientations, etc. know that you are there for them. We need to rise up and let Trump know that we will not be defeated. We have the power to change the world, it's in our hands, our hearts, and our minds. We can make change without harm, without one drop of blood spilling. It happens in other countries all the time, sadly we seem to be afraid of our government when it should be the other way around.


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    • MickeyBattle profile image

      Michelle Battle 15 months ago from Kingsley, MI

      I'm tired of turning the t.v. and/or my computer on daily just to see some that Trump is spreading more hate. I feel like people are walking around with blinders on and their hands over their ears, how can they not see what he is doing? It's insanity, and I hope that we don't just sit back and allow him to continue is tyrannical dictatorship.

      It's nice knowing that their are others out there, people that are tired and ready for change. People that are making change possible, people that are standing up for others and themselves.

      Thanks for reading my post, I just had to vent and other outlets aren't working because people don't listen.

    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 15 months ago from > California

      NICE Article Michelle ~ Irrefutably, We've Entered the ABSOLUTE "Darkest Time" in American HISTORY with a Certified DELUSIONAL Meglomaniac as Pseudo-President, a primary reason WHY a Gargantuan RESISTANCE Movement is "EMERGING & Growing" around the WORLD with a Specific Intent to "ABATE & Stop" him & his Superiors like Vladimir Putin in Communist Russia before it's too late ~

      In REALITY, Foreign Terrorists are a SECONDARY Threat to the United States right behind OUR OWN Fake-President & his Cohorts in Congress like Paul Ryan & Tom Price who are DEDICATED to Weakening AMERICA by "Slashing" Social Security & Medicare, a Vital "LIFE-Stream" which our Senior Citizens Can Not Survive Without ~