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Donald Trump Needs God and Putin

Updated on October 18, 2016

Donald Trump is Trumping himself in the past few weeks. Just how many times can one shoot himself in the foot or head and still survive is like Antichrist. All of the stuff about his dealings with women in the past are or should not be a surprise to anyone. Trump is the kind of man that thinks and talks that way to get what he wants. But really, OMG, Hillary is a B---- also. The lies and bullshit she spews out is equal in a different way to that of Trumps. Hillary is the female version of Antichrist- deceptive and subversive to get what she wants. She will yield a power wand when she wins- and she will.

Face it, America, there are no good, decent choices in the 2016 election cycle. Both are deplorable in different ways, both will cause America to continue down the path into a failed World Power. Whatever either does in the Middle East, will descend all involved into hellfire because of Russia, Iran, and Turkish alliance. Each has its own agenda and are only “allies” until it no longer serves a purpose. Obama has made sure any US involvement is minimal. Neither, Trump or Clinton will do much for the American economy or worker. The economy is global now and everyone is tied to another- China and the USA are tied economically yet oppose each other militarily in the South China Sea. Neither dares the other too much.

Maybe God does have a plan to allow Trump to win by some byzantine circumstances, like, God could allow Hillary to become ill- a sudden stroke during or after she is elected. Think of the chaos then. Maybe one of Trump’s deplorable will plot to assassinate Hillary. Think of the chaos that would cause. Maybe the Wiki-leak documents or hacking by Putin’s cyber unit will cause widespread voting irregularities making the outcome antagonistic and Trump challenges the outcome. Maybe God will cast light by opening the eyes of voters to the illegalities that went on under Hillary revealing that she is hardly a better choice- a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Maybe Putin will invade the Ukraine or Baltic just before, during, or after Hillary wins, challenging her in every way. Maybe this election will repeat the Bush-Gore race, where one candidate had more popular votes, yet, lost because fewer electoral votes. But this time, Trump will contest it. Lastly, maybe there will be a terrorist attack at numerous voting stations causing many ripple effects leading to the election was rigged.

The only thing for certain is that something will happen and it is likely to be bad. It’s been a nasty election cycle and there is bad blood between the candidates and their supporters.


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