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Trump Orders Biden Investigation in Ukraine

Updated on May 10, 2019

I can't make this stuff up. We all know Trump was just itching to do this, to target his worst threat, this time it is Joe Biden, his nemesis. Biden is, perhaps, the only real shot of the Democrats of retaking the WH in 2020. The other 20+ candidates really lack the notoriety and experience. I have always thought Biden was not THE man either. Sure, he is better the most of the others, but still....of course, anything is better than Trump, right?


There is no doubt that Trump's ordering of this investigation is to disparage Biden as the election heats up. Trump knows Biden might topple him. The Ukrainian connection to the DNC and Biden is, unfortunately, undeniable. Ukrainian officials have said so as to their meddling in Ukrainian politics from Biden when his son, Hunter, was under investigation from their security when he was getting millions from Burisma owned by oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky. This man was charged with money laundering and after two years in court, charges were dropped abruptly. Hunter was on the governing board for Burisma and being paid millions. Biden's son was also under investigation from the Ukrainian authorities under the same umbrella. Joe Biden, then VP, Biden pressured Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to stop or fire the investigation and if he refused, the $1 billion loan promised would be withdrawn. Biden wanted Poroshenko out, as well. Biden indicated President Obama knew of this.

Poroshenko had the prosecutor removed and he was replaced with someone more to Biden's approval. Biden does not deny it and a video with him stating so is available. Hunter Biden was never found of any wrongdoing as he was a paid advisor to Burisma natural gas. He recently resigned from this position. The Ukrainian government has said Biden did not pressure them to close the case in 2014-15. but was done when a lack of evidence prevailed.

So, is this collusion enough to tarnish Biden's bid on 2020 presidency? It certainly, at the very least, make voters think twice and perhaps select another weaker candidate. Will the Democratic candidates bring this up themselves in their debates, or will they be afraid?

Facts are facts. Just like about why Trump is more and more acting like a man who is guilty, by trying to stop Congress subpoenas, stonewall cooperation, obstructing in 2017 and even now, fighting in court about what Trump's banks can or should release and his tax returns, Joe Biden directly intervened and blackmailed the president of the Ukraine if the prosecutor was not removed from the Burisma investigation (no doubt, to shield his son, which any parent would do).

The prosecutor was removed but he was subsequently voted out of office, not fired by Poroshenko. Still, with the Ukraine needing the $1 billion loan (even if Biden made it in jest) Poroshenko wielded whatever influence he had then to get the votes to remove the prosecutor to make it look like he did not bend to U.S. demands. He could save face.

Stay tuned to this matter, Biden faces tough scrutiny on this interference to protect his son.


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